As you may know, CBD’s legal status is similar to that of a dietary supplement, meaning that it isn’t regulated by the FDA in the same way that more conventional food and drug products are. From a consumer standpoint, this means that it’s essential to know everything you can about the products you buy before you trust a company with your business—that’s exactly why we started our CBD review program dubbed “The Consumer Reports of CBD”. The lack of federal accountability for CBD companies makes it exceedingly difficult for the average consumer to discern high-quality CBD products from what is essentially snake oil in flashy packaging. Our mission is to increase brand accountability by independently evaluating products from a consumer perspective. We vet CBD every manufacturer to ensure you get the best quality CBD products available. We care deeply about our planet, and prefer  Brands should strive to grow organically, use safe extraction methods, choose effective carrier oils, and batch-test products to ensure potency and safety.

All CBD Brands We’ve Reviewed


What To Look For in a CBD Company

Here at Key to Cannabis, our top priority is providing you with the materials necessary to choose trustworthy CBD products that ultimately improve your quality of life. Our favorite way to do this is by providing CBD reviews, each written by one of our team's cannabis advocates who has extensively tested the product in order to give honest, helpful details about the flavor, aroma, effects, and more. But that isn't where our mission starts.

Brand Integrity

Before a product is sent to us to be tested and reviewed, we carefully evaluate each brand and their products to ensure they meet our strict criteria. Why? Because there are shady CBD products out there.

Farm Bill Compliance and Lab Testing

So before our team tests out a new product, we check behind the scenes for documentation on the farming and manufacturing process. We work closely with each brand to gather these crucial details. First, we look to the fields where the raw hemp material is grown to ensure that the farms utilize organic practices from the time the seed is planted in the soil. Then, we verify that a safe extraction method is used to harvest the CBD from the plant material, which helps cut down on the possibility of leftover solvents.

Extra Ingredients in the Final Product

We also ensure that the carrier oils and ingredients used in each product are considered safe for consumption, all before adamantly requiring proof of third-party batch testing. This document, called a Certificate of Analysis, stands to prove the rich cannabinoid profile of each product, as well as the absence of pesticides, mold, and other contaminants that may creep in during the manufacturing process.

How We Make Sure? First Hand Testing

Only after the brand has been rigorously vetted (to help ensure our safety and yours), we test the product for ourselves. We'll admit, this is the fun part--but there's still work to do.
From here we lend our expertise to identifying expertly pleasant or unusually harsh flavors and smells, and most importantly—the onset, length, and quality of effects. We know that the path to CBD wellness is unique for everyone. That's why we have multiple team members reviewing these products, each with their own unique ailments and biological makeup.

Bonus: Product Recommendations

As a bonus, we even tell you our favorite match-ups for each CBD product, and give you an idea of how fair the price is. If anything negative stands out, we'll let you know that too. Not every product passes our tedious review and approval process, but that's all part of our mission to promote cannabis education and CBD wellness for consumers everywhere.

We know—it all sounds like a lot! As cannabis advocates who have experienced the life-changing effects of CBD wellness, we're happy to share our experiences in hopes that you can find that one product that makes a difference for you. But we can't take all the credit. Many of these products speak for themselves, and that's why you can find our ever-growing collection of reviewed and approved CBD products below.