Linx Vapor took the vaping industry by storm in 2016 when news of their first big launch, the Linx Hypnos Zero, grabbed the attention of the media. The Zero featured the industry’s first in-laid ceramic plate atomizer, a sure upgrade to common designs at the time, which featured messy, exposed coils. Next came the Ares, Linx’s take on the popular dab straw, and the Gaia, which fits in the palm of your hand.

These three vapes earned the brand quite a bit of recognition, including from the high-authority cannabis magazine HighTimes, who later commended the brand on offering the “best convection” vapes on the market. Later, the brand released the Linx Blaze, a concentrate-only portable vape, which was quickly deemed the “Best Vaporizer of 2019.”

The brand has made some impressive advancements, including partnering with one of the rap industry’s most influential artists of our time, The Game, to bring about the Limited Edition Ember. The Ember quickly took the spotlight as one of the best budget-friendly portable vaporizers that could handle all types of cannabis concentrate.

Product Line

Linx Vapor’s product line is expansive for vaporizers in this league, and it covers multiple different cannabis mediums to give consumers a health-centric option no matter how they prefer to vape. From start to finish, the line is impressive, stylish, and compact, making it easy to use at home and on the go. 

Linx Vapor Flower Vaporizers

Linx offers two varieties of vaporizers designed to efficiently vaporize dry material. The Linx Gaia is a compact device that fits easily in the palm of your hand and features a 2200 mAH battery and variable temp settings, plus a fully-quartz chamber that vaporizes bud entirely for a no-waste experience.

Or, choose the Linx Eden, a Key to Cannabis personal favorite, which features the same large convection heating chamber but includes innovative, medical grade Lava Plates. These plates allow you to blur the lines between vaping concentrates and flower and enjoy both mediums simultaneously, while offering the same low-reclaim design. 

Linx Vapor Concentrate Vaporizers

Linx Vapor also offers a couple of options for those who want to stick to concentrates, starting with the simple but convenient Ares model. This electric vaporizer is a modern take on the dab straw, which allows you to simply dip the heated tip in the concentrate and pull the vapor through the top.

The Hypnos Zero brings the ever-popular ceramic plate atomizer to the market and offers a powerful concentrate vaporizer that’s only 10 cm long. The newest edition, the Linx Blaze, can use the same Zero atomizer but also features a new and improved fully-quartz, coil-less atomizer to amp up the vaping experience. 

Linx Oil Vaporizers

Linx covers cannabis oil in their medical-grade vape line with the Hermes 2  and Hermes 3. Both models feature a ceramic heating element and open-mouth tank that’s easy to fill, and both models are small and discreet, measuring just over 10 cm in length. The newer model, however, boasts three different temperature settings to help you find your perfect balance of flavor and vapor output.

Linx Vapor effectively brings health to the forefront of the cannabis vaping industry, and consistently pushes the boundaries of the market with every updated design. Our experience with the Linx Eden exceeded our expectations, and Linx Blaze’s battery power alone was enough to blow our minds. Needless to say, we feel good about spreading the word about this low-waste, budget-friendly vape brand as an effective and healthy option for vape consumers. 

Linx Vapor Product Review Results:

  • Health-centric vaporizer supplier
  • Zero toxins
  • Made from medical grade materials
  • No plastics or paints
  • Offers vaporizers for flower, extracts, and oils
  • Modular design offers multiple customization options
  • Varying temperature settings
  • Minimal reclaim design for low-waste vaping
  • Ultra-portable, stylish designs

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