Vessel at a Glance

Vessel first launched in 2018 with the mission of consistent innovation that raises the industry bar. Although they don’t pointlessly fixate on creating any single “best” weed accessory, the brand welcomes criticism and feedback from their customers. Then, they consistently optimize their line of accessories, which cover pretty much every consumption need. With a complete series of ergonomic vape cart batteries, sleek one-hitters for dry herb consumption, sturdy grinders, and portable storage kits, there’s plenty of room to revamp your entire dosing routine. 

Quality-conscious consumers will be happy to know that Vessel doesn’t skimp. The line of cannabis accessories is made with premium materials, and you can find one-of-a-kind accessories, like grinders crafted from precision-engineered aluminum.

Plus, the brand offers a 6-month warranty, free shipping over $99, and items ship from the warehouse within one business day. 

Vessel Product Highlights


Vessel Compass Vaporizer

Compass (Gunmetal)

Vessel offers a small series of compact vape batteries designed to work with 510 threaded vape carts. One, in particular, the Compass, features an ergonomic, palm-sized design that fully protects your cartridge and offers a 360° cartridge swivel for perfect mouthpiece positioning. This is a simple way to level up your vape experience with a high-powered, fast-charging battery and precision airflow.

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Vessel Helix - One-Hitter

Vessel Helix

The weed accessory company makes it clear that the tiny aluminum one-hitters that clog with every hit are a thing of the past. The Vessel Helix is a perfect example of the brand’s innovation in compart dry herb smoking pieces. This hitter features brass construction and an extended build with a double helix design that cools and filters as you puff. Pack it into a custom carry case, and you have a compact smoke on the go that still has all of the luxuries of your favorite pipes and chillums. 

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Weed Accessories

Vessel Drift Case

Vessel Drift Case

Aside from creating perfectly molded cases that fit their unique smoking tools (as seen with the Drift Case, above), Vessel also offers a small selection of accessories to complete your smoking kit. Check out their smell-proof cases, precision-engineered weed grinders, and high precision butane lighter. You can even build your own kit to customize your Vessel accessory set to fit your needs.

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Is Vessel Legit?

Yes! Vessel has been around since 2018 and consistently scores high with consumers. A quick search will help you find plenty of raving reviews, not only about the products they offer but about the brand’s customer service, too. 


All in all, we think the Vessel Collection straddles the line between simplicity and luxury. The entire collection is straightforward enough for new consumers to easily navigate and enjoy but built well enough to impress avid cannabis consumers. The price point is comparable to other leading accessory brands, and the Build a Kit option is a perfect way to get it all for a great price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vessel?

Vessel is a cannabis supply and accessory brand offering a complete line of innovative vape batteries, dry herb smoking pieces, grinders, and more. 

Where is Vessel located?

Vessel is based in Carlsbad, California.

Where to buy Vessel products?

You can buy any of their products directly from their online store.