Product Quality & Manufacturing 

Veil is different. It is formulated from eco-friendly essential oils and designed by chemists with over 30 years of experience developing similar, well-known household products. It’s unique, terpene-decimating formula means it actually eliminates the smell of cannabis—it doesn’t just mask it.

The proprietary formula doesn’t include artificial fragrances or dyes, so it’s completely safe to spray on all your favorite fabrics. This kind of innovation quickly gained a lot of attention from Men’s Journal, Green Entrepreneur, GQ, and more, and the brand continues to push the limits of the industry while helping smokers everywhere keep their scent on the down-low without sacrifice. 

Verified Customer Reviews

“Works well. Eliminated odor quickly & pleasantly. Nice packaging. Easy ordering & fast delivery. It”s just s little pricey for as often as I use it.” – Debra R. 5 Stars
“I really like the way it smells, and I’d say it accomplishes its other task well also. Definitely will be buying again!” – Taylor B. 5 Stars

Veil Product Review Results:

  • Post-smoke odor eliminating spray
  • Eliminates odor on a molecular level
  • Made from high-quality essential oils
  • No artificial fragrances or dyes
  • Safe for fabrics
  • Eco-friendly

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Veil safe for fabrics?

Yes. Veil has no dyes or artificial fragrances that will harm fabrics, but keep in mind that it is meant to be sprayed in the air to effectively eliminate the smell of cannabis smoke. 

How much Veil should I Spray?

Veil recommends using two or three sprays for each hit taken, but suggests you can use as much as is needed to defeat the smoke smell after your session. The smell of Veil doesn’t linger and is non-toxic.

Where to buy Veil products?

Veil products can be ordered directly from their website.