Product Line

Veil currently offers one product, the “O.G.” scent, which is available in an eight-ounce bottle, perfect for keeping at-hand in your home, and a two-ounce bottle that’s TSA-approved and fits nicely in your pocket for when you’re on the go. Either way, the formula is the same, with hints of sweet orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia cedarwood derived from pure essential oils. The impressive part, though, is the design behind this harmoniously scented post-smoke spray.

Instead of masking the smell of cannabis smoke, Veil hits on a different level. The spray is formulated to break down the smell of cannabis terpenes on a molecular level. It does this with the use of cationic surfactants that target certain molecules, like terpenes, and reduce their concentration. Essentially, this spray diminishes molecules that carry the “cannabis smoke odor” after a smoking session. That being said, the product needs to be sprayed after a smoking session in order to contact these molecules in the air and work effectively. If sprayed prior to a session, it will have no effect. 

The brand offers an impressive concept alongside an equally impressive product. We have to say, it’s a relief to see a brand that isn’t pushing heavily scented, toxic sprays into a wellness-centered cannabis community. We couldn’t really find anything to complain about, and we’re ultimately excited to add Veil to our list of approved brands within the cannabis space. 

Veil Product Review Results:

  • Post-smoke odor eliminating spray
  • Eliminates odor on a molecular level
  • Made from high-quality essential oils
  • No artificial fragrances or dyes
  • Safe for fabrics
  • Eco-friendly

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