Product Line

Nectar Collector offers an impressive and detailed line of portable vertical vaporizers that give consumers quite a bit of choice over their vaping experience. Perhaps the simplest Nectar Collector device is their simple “dry” dab straw collection, which feature the chemistry pipette-inspired glass straws that don’t have water filtration. Most of the buzz, however, surrounds the upgraded models with built-in water filtration systems. This includes the Honeybird, which can be purchased in a simple starter kit that includes a Honeybird core (with water tank), threaded quartz tip, feeder dish, protective leather sheath, and hardshell waterproof case and lanyard. 

This innovative and incredibly popular design birthed a new line of Nectar Collector products—Infinity Tech—which is a modular system that allows the user to totally disassemble the entire device and change out parts for a customized aesthetic and vaping experience. Each Infinity Tech piece is fully compatible with any rig in the line, which means there’s truly no limit to how far you can customize your rig.

The Infinity Tech line includes a variety of cores, single and double-hole diffusers, mouthpieces, and more—some of which feature pretty rad hand-blown designs. Within the Infinity Tech line, you have the option to purchase several kits, including the Honeybird Pro Kit, which is the updated version of their original Honeybird model. It includes the Honeybird Pro Deluxe core, the Vortex Venturi diffuser, mouthpiece core, spill guard, all the connectors needed, and everything else you need for a complete vaping experience. The Opal Honeycomb Pro is another option that features a similar set up, with a beautiful hand-blown design and upgraded form for the best possible airflow and function. This set also allows the addition of the Nectar Collector Honeycomb Hammer, which makes it possible to smoke dry flower, too. 

Last but not least is the equally impressive Huni Badger line, which features a design that is more similar to the original Honeybird, but is fully electric and ready to use on the go. It is powered by an 18650 battery and works at both high and low temp, with specialized attachments available depending on how you like to vape. The Huni Badger unit works with the Honeybird core from the original model, or you can purchase the full Huni Badger Electric Nectar Collector Kit, which includes the electric unit, two batteries and charger, a high and low temp HuniTip, waterproof hard case, and the other accessories needed for a complete vaping experience. 

We are truly impressed by the brand’s innovation, and in the world of portable vaporizers, it doesn’t get much better than this. Any Nectar Collector device, from the simplest Honey Straw to the most complex vertical rig is likely to outperform many mods on the market. We love the addition of the electronic model, which helps make the vaping opportunities as limitless as the Infinity Tech customization options. If you’re looking for a high-quality and efficient way to enjoy your concentrates without waste, Nectar Collector has something to offer. 

Nectar Collector Product Review Results:

  • Original vertical vaporizer designed for cannabis concentrates
  • Hand-blown glass designs
  • Effective, no-waste dabbing
  • Attachments for dry herb
  • Infinity Tech modular design offers complete customization
  • Offers both traditional torch and electronically heated models
  • Easily purchase upgrades and replacement parts from website
  • Many pieces come with a lifetime guarantee

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