RYOT at a Glance

In 2000, RYOT began producing equipment to improve cannabis prep, consumption, and storage for their own team when cannabis was not legal on a widespread basis and cannabis gear was limited. In fact, RYOT stands for “Roll Your Own Tobacco,” an adage that speaks to a time when cannabis gear had to be “hidden” behind the guise of non-cannabis herbal products. 

Times have changed, and even as they strive to produce new technology that keeps up with the times, every product has been designed to solve a specific problem or bring a specific convenience to their team of avid cannabis smokers. 

By taking this personal approach to designing innovative gear, the brand ensures that its entire product collection is truly useful and functional. In other words, you aren’t buying gimmicks when you buy RYOT products, just gear that’s tested and proven to improve your regular smoking (or vaping) ritual. 

The company provides smoking essentials and advanced gear, and it’s a perfect one-stop-shop for cannabis-themed gifts for yourself or your friends. They have global reach, ship internationally, and typically ship orders within three business days. Plus, transactions and shipping are secure and discreet. 

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RYOT Product Review Highlights

RYOT designs and manufactures industry-leading cannabis gear, including dry herb and concentrate vaporizers, Kannaströr® and RYOT® Herb grinders, wood storage boxes, upgraded dugout, and one-hitters, and smell-proof storage and transport solutions.  


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Kannastör GR8TR Jar Body Grinder

RYOT is home to the patented GR8TR Herb Grinder, a line of weed grinders they describe as the “World’s Most Advanced Grinders.” The classic edition, the GR8TR Solid Body Grinder, is rather impressive. It features a modular, customizable design that includes interchangeable grinding plates, interchangeable screens, and top lid storage that breaks down into a Pocket Puck to carry your ground herb on the go easily. 

  • Jar Body GR8TR Grinder
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Premium Food Grade Quality
  • GR8TR Storage Lid
  • Spare Grinder Plate Storage
  • Anti Friction and Residue Rings
  • Micro Teeth
  • Deep Dish Grinding Chamber
  • Easy Change GR8TR Plates
  • Easy Change Grinder Screen
  • Polished Puck Base

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VERB 510 Battery

RYOT offers various consumption tools, but their vaporizers easily make the list of their most innovative products. The VERB DHV is a pocketable dry herb vaporizer with variable temperature control, an easy-load design, and a stay-cool mouthpiece that takes a luxury vape experience on the go. 

The VERB 510 Battery is compatible with your favorite 510 cartridges but features a pre-heat function and a snap-closed lid to keep your vape clean even when you slip it in your pocket.

  • Dimensions: 76mm x 40mm x 16mm
  • Durable plastic shell construction
  • Resistance: Above 0.8ohms
  • Output Voltage: Low 3.0V / Medium 3.4V /  High 3.8V
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAH
  • Fits 0.5ml Tanks with Medium Magnetic Adaptor
  • Fits Most 1ml Tanks with Short Magnetic Adaptor

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Although this was the brand’s first invention, it’s still a perfect portable storage solution for daily smokers. The Krypto-Kit is made from layers of carbon permeated padding that neutralizes odors. It’s weather-proof, smell-proof, and easily holds your compact smoking tools, lighters, and more. 

  • RYOT Patented SmellSafe Technology
  • Lockable Zipper (Lock not Included)
  • Odor Absorption Antimicrobial Microfibers
  • Panels to Store Cash, Cards, or Papers
  • Removable RYOT Freshness Pod
  • Elastic Storage Loop to Secure your Bat
  • Stretch Gusseted Pocket Perfect for Lighter Storage
  • Poker Included

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PlayBoy x Ryot Review

Playboy x RYOT Collection 

Playboy by RYOT is a collaboration between Playboy Magazine and RYOT. The Playboy x RYOT collection is inspired by passion, creativity, culture, and cannabis. With a clear mission is to share the art of smoking in new and creative ways, each piece of the collection has been designed to help you express yourself. Each Playboy by RYOT product features a unique design concept–from the proprietary magnetic components of the dugout and rolling tray to the high-quality laser-cut herb grinders. All pieces are engineered with simplistic elegance: built to perform and last. For the contemporary smoker, find options that aspire to improve the experience of smoking, making it prettier, easier, and most importantly – more enjoyable to use.

  • 5 rolling tray designs + 2 size choices
  • 2 weed grinders + 2 color choices
  • 2 one-hitter choices
  • 5 VERB 510 Battery designs
  • Playboy x RYOT Pendant Puck 

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Is RYOT Legit?

Yes! RYOT has been featured in Forbes, Esquire, High Times, Wirecutter, and more. The consensus is that RYOT customers are happy with their gear and the quality of the company’s customer service. Plus, they offer a 30-day return policy for defective products.

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RYOT Review Conclusion

Many online head shops sell shiny cannabis equipment that’s full of bells and whistles—and we aren’t knocking their grind—but there’s something to be said about a company that focuses on solving problems that avid cannabis smokers truly face. We love the personal feel the company emits, and the large selection of high-quality cannabis gadgets leaves nothing to be desired. 

We also love the “decluttered” feel of the collection. Every gadget has a purpose, usually more than one, and the multi-functional storage solutions and travel kits are an organized daily smokers’ dream. All in all, if you need functional, well-made cannabis gear and gadgets, RYOT has plenty to offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does RYOT Stand For?

RYOT stands for “Roll Your Own Tobacco.” The name was chosen by the brand in 2000 when cannabis was not legal in many places, and cannabis equipment was frequently marketed as tobacco rolling gear. 

Where is RYOT located?

RYOT is based in Miami, Florida. 

Where to buy RYOT products?

You can buy any of their products directly from their online store.  

Does RYOT Have an Affiliate or Referral Program?

Yep! You can check it out on their affiliate program page here to learn how you can unlock a steady stream of income as a RYOT official affiliate partner!