Is Keefer Scraper Legit?

The Keefer scrapers are well-reviewed on the internet as quality products. Matthew G left 5 out of 5 stars and had this to say on Keefer’s website, “I purchased both Scrapers, and I wasn’t disappointed. Great design and quality much appreciated!” 

Stainless steel is known as one of the few materials that will last a lifetime. This is a no-gimmick product.


Keefer offers cleanly designed, intuitive products for cannabis enthusiasts. Kief is the main part of the cannabis experience as most of the THC is contained in it. Kief all too often gets wasted on inadequate tools, ending up spilled on clothing or the floor, leaving the kief useless. Keefer’s scrapers are a simple way to ensure the kief ends up where you want it. Each scraper is under $15. The scraper will immediately pay for itself by eliminating wasted kief.  


Does Keefer offer free shipping on their products?

Yes, Keefer offers free shipping on their already very reasonably priced products.

What is kief?

Kief is the powder made from the dried trichomes that produce cannabinoids and terpenes on the surface of the cannabis plant. As a result, kief has a large concentration of psychoactive THC, the substance that causes the euphoric feelings of cannabis. Even the word itself comes from the Arabic word kayf, meaning bliss. Read more…