Dr. Dabber Product Review Highlights

There’s been a lot of noise about Dr. Dabber’s devices—the brand scored a spot on High Times’ Best Vape Pens list with the Ghost in 2015. Then again with the Aurora, two years in a row (2016 and 2017). Dr. Dabber, again, shook the industry in 2018 when they released the Dr. Dabber Switch, a new-age vaping device that lets users switch between oil and flower while still offering a performance that’s up to par with what their customers have come to expect. The groundbreaking Dr. Dabber Switch not only allows users to easily switch between mediums but offers over 25 temperature profiles and lasts average users over a week on a single charge.


Dr Dabber Switch Coupon

Dr. Dabber’s line of vaporizers and rigs are truly impressive, but the most impressive by far is the Switch collection. The Dr. Dabber Switch features a single-button toggle between vaping dry herb and concentrates and over 25 different temperature settings to handle any herbal material, from super-dense buds to viscous oils. The collection includes a variety of premium glass accessories, like ball attachments, percolators, and various carb cap options. Plus, the induction cup is fully customizable, offering users the opportunity to switch between Quartz, Ceramic, Sapphire, and more. All this versatility can be experienced seamlessly thanks to the Switch’s upgraded battery, which can support up to 150 different heating cycles. 

While Switch is the newest device the brand’s released, it isn’t the only one that offers a premium vaping experience. Dr. Dabber also boasts two other upscale collections, Ghost and Boost.

$399.95 $339.96

The Ghost

Dr. Dabber Ghost Reviews

The Ghost is built for oils and waxes and lets users enjoy them at full capacity with its slow, low-heat design. The ultra-portable device works with its own small range of glass recyclers and percolators in order to give users control over the Ghost experience.

The Ghost Bundle includes:

  • Ghost Vaporizer Kit
  • Ghost Globe Attachment (full)
  • Carrying Case
  • Budder Cutter

$149.80 $127.33

Boost Evo

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo Reviews

The Boost Evo is a luxury e-nail, offering users a way to enjoy their concentrates with a traditional domeless nail, but with no torch required. Turn it on, and it takes 25 seconds to heat up to the optimal temperature and has an auto-shutoff feature. Quite simply, this device offers a one-button, no-worries dabbing experience that you can take anywhere. 

Boost Evo Features:

  • Six Temperature Settings – 500-750° F
  • Eleven Second Heat Up Time
  • Revolutionary Magnetic Quartz Atomizer with built-in temperature sensor
  • Quick Connect Adapter with airflow release
  • Straight quartz to glass vapor pathway
  • Enhanced ergonomics with grip pads
  • Five RGB light modes plus Stealth Mode for discreet dabbing
  • Exceptional battery life with built-in protection against over voltage and short circuits
  • Up to 60 hits on a single charge
  • 20 or 40 second hold time
  • Pass through USB-C charging
  • Auto shutoff after 15 minutes
  • Durable and protective carrying case included
  • 1 Year Warranty

$329.95 $280.46

Dr. Dabber’s CBD Distillate Collection is helping the brand cut in on a new portion of the industry. Purchase the Original Blend CBD Cartridge & Battery Combo, which features 250 mg of broad-spectrum cannabinoids and botanical terpenes from U.S. hemp. This premium CBD formula is also backed by third-party lab tests (check the product listing) and the cartridges can be purchased separately to use with your battery when you run out. 

Is Dr. Dabber Legit?

Yes, Given the brand’s ingenuity, attention to detail, and compliance with applicable safety standards, we feel comfortable recommending them to anyone seeking a top-notch vaping experience. All of Dr. Dabber’s CBD products are third-party lab test results, which can be found here.

Dr. Dabber Review Results:

  • Industry-leading vaporizer supplier
  • Devices suited for dry flower, wax, and oil
  • Parts sold separately for maintenance
  • Accessories sold separately for customized user experience
  • CBD line features proper third-party lab analysis
  • Fine attention to detail and impressive post-purchase support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dr. Dabber used for?

Dr. Dabber vape devices can be used for vaporizing concentrates, oils, or dry herbal flowers, depending on which model you choose. They offer a variety of portable vapes and rigs that help users experience the same aromatic and flavorful experience as smoking, but vaping is widely considered to have fewer health risks. 

Where does Dr. Dabber ship from? 

All packages will ship from Dr. Dabber’s Las Vegas facilities. 

Where to buy Dr. Dabber products?

You can purchase any of Dr. Dabber’s collections directly from their site, don’t forget to use our unique Dr. Dabber discount code K2C15 to save 15% on your order!.

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