We want to change the way society looks at the modern cannabis user. Our site features how-to guides, informative articles, and a visual glossary; all in the hopes of improving your cannabis experience. We believe the best way to change the way society views cannabis consumers is to educate and to correct the misinformation that has flooded American culture for decades. It is easy for a non-believer to point fingers until they realize their son, daughter, brother, sister, or friend is a regular consumer. Change starts with a conversation. We encourage you to be open about your cannabis usage, get involved with your community and vote for safe access.

Key to Cannabis was created by two friends who felt the urge to share their knowledge and insights with others. The concept of a legal cannabis industry is so infantile; each day there are new growing and extraction methods, smoking devices, travel accessories, and products to buy in the dispensary. We, like many cannabis users, have gone through the trial and error process of trying all the popular consumption methods to see which works best for a given situation. We’re producing this content in order to create something bigger: an educated consumer base that actively supports individuals who debunk the lazy stoner stereotype. We’re surely not the only ones incorporating cannabis in a meaningful way and we want to inspire others to be open about their use. Our focus is to help all people have a positive experience with cannabis. We hope our example encourages others to come out of the proverbial cannabis closet and voice their support.

We don’t rely on synthetic pharmaceuticals to achieve health. In fact, our motivation is the exact opposite. We have plant-based products and services that we KNOW can change people’s lives. Because we’re fighting against big pharma, people with literally unlimited budgets, we have to do things differently. We have to inspire change at the grassroots level—one person at a time. We don’t have the funding for research or advertising. Every test we take is with our own bodies. We have to make cannabis wellness recommendations that hold true for everyone. So how do we do that? How is that even possible? If you asked your doctor or looked on WebMD, they’d tell you what we’re doing is impossible. Yet it’s happening. Every single day. Through the art and the science that we call plant-based wellness.

There is no doubt in our minds and our hearts that cannabis is one of the most therapeutically beneficial substances known to man – and we believe all individuals should have safe access. We are not your average ‘stoners’. In fact, just using the word makes us cringe; but the English language doesn’t have a term to describe a regular cannabis user who positively incorporates the plant in their life – so we created one; ‘Cannabis Advocates’. Thank you for being a Cannabis Advocate; we couldn’t have made it to this point without you.

Doing the Impossible: If we can do it, you can too!

To be clear, this is our passion project—we both work full-time jobs in addition to running this blog—something we do for the love of it. Tommy is a professional photographer and filmmaker who works with the likes of Redbull and National Geographic. Zander is an SEO expert who helps companies grow their businesses faster and with less work through automation, team optimization, and processes improvement.

For us, this isn’t about profit—it’s about impact. We’re not here to provide information; instead, we provide transformation—the opportunity to drastically improve your quality of life…naturally. These are our stories.


“I am a professional photographer and commercial director based in Denver, Colorado. I started my career in an office but quickly realized what I truly wanted: to work outside in the extreme sports industry. I grew up with dreams of being the pro athlete in whichever sport I became best at, but my body started breaking down in college. Between skiing and soccer, I succumbed to two knee surgeries and two shoulder surgeriesand subsequently spent years on and off pain medication. By the end of college, I was finally opioid-free, but I had a new problem. The meds had messed with my head, and I was constantly agitated, annoyed, and frustrated by the external events around me.

After my long stints on pain medication, I knew anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals were not an option, so I began experimenting with cannabis. I started out getting so high I could barely talk. I learned to roll joints with king size papers, which was probably a mistake because it gave me the opportunity to roll joints far bigger than I should have been smoking, but nevertheless, I slowly tinkered with my dosage.

The big breakthrough for me was learning the nuances of indica and sativa. In the beginning, I stormed through the day on the brink of a mental breakdown, and then finally calmed down once I smoked in the evening. Once I discovered that a small dose of the correct sativa would keep me balanced without inhibiting my professional performance, I was off to the races. I went into a deep learning phase on different consumption methods because simply dabbing a sativa instead of smoking it had an enormously different effect as well. I never thought I’d be able to use cannabis throughout the day while living a high quality of life, but now that I know how, I’ll never go back.” — Tommy 



“As an active adult following an arduous career in collegiate athletics, I began to notice the little injuries adding up. This came to a head after destroying my knee at the end of the 2017 ski season – literally, last day. I tore my ACL, MCL, PCL, Meniscus, Gastrocnemius, Articular Capsule, and broke my Femur – a.k.a. ‘destroyed’ . I was immediately put on an opiate cycle after injury to help the first few days of healing before starting pre-surgery strength and mobility training. I loved it, everything melted away. I could just be in my body without pain. That comfort lasted all of 2.5 hours before I felt the deeply uncomfortable ache sneak back in. Not good.

Knowing the research on opiate addiction after major surgeries, I was gung ho on limiting my intake as much as possible. So I looked into alternative pain treatment plans utilizing cannabis as my base. For the first 48 hours, I was on the opiate cycle and hated every moment of it, but knew my knee needed to not be in excruciating pain in order to heal. After that, I ditched the prescription and began a high CBD intake cycle in California. It was profound how well it worked with pain management. And from that moment, I was sold on the medicinal power of CBD. 

I wanted to share these learnings with the world and help connect great brands with other humans in similar conditions: ‘i’m in pain, but what else can I do besides these opiates?’. This is where KeyToCannabis comes in for people around the country. We’re not doctors, but we do a lot of research to distill in depth studies in the industry for the everyday man and woman. While every body is different, we can only point in the right direction and trust that you will speak to a medical professional to determine how to incorporate CBD into your management regimen.”Zander

We are Cannabis Advocates, and this is what we believe.

Health is my most important asset.

My body has a natural ability to heal.

There is synergistic power in nature’s remedies.

My mission is to spread wellness and love.

Everyone can achieve a better quality of life.