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  • Full Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridge Review
  • $40 / $34
  • Use:
  • “This has a nice flavor, is relaxing, yet does not make you...”

    - Evan L.

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  • From: Secret Nature
  • $47.00 / $40
  • Use: Pain Relief
  • “After a long workout, I love to enjoy this recovery vape! It...”

    - Stephanie

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  • From: Specktra
  • Linx Blaze Vaporizer
  • $136--
  • Use:
  • “Only wax pen that’s even worth buying!!! No joke solid product.”

    - Micheal B

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  • From: Linx Vapor
  • CBD Vape Juice
  • $19.99 / $17
  • Use: full spectrum
  • “I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys a sweeter CBD.”

    - Edward I

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  • From: CBDfx

CBD vape pens and cartridges are a modern, unique take on CBD dosing, but are quickly becoming one of the most popular dosing styles. They offer a lot of variety and sometimes make it easier to customize your CBD experience. Plus, they are probably the fastest acting CBD dose available, so they are an expert pain for those dealing with chronic conditions or sudden flares. 

There are multiple ways to configure your CBD vaping experience, but the most convenient is by choosing single-use CBD vape pens. These come pre-loaded and ready to vape, and are available in multiple colors and potencies. If you prefer to have a little more control over your vaping experience, you may consider a handheld vape battery paired with a CBD vape cartridge. These CBD vape cartridges are interchangeable and the battery mechanism is reusable, which may save on cost overtime. More importantly, you can change out the vape cartridges as needed to experience different flavors or utilize different potencies. 

Vaping CBD is relatively discreet since many CBD vape products smell pleasant and don’t carry a strong hemp smell. Vaping is great for quick relief when you’re on the go (anywhere vaping isn’t prohibited), and vape doses pair well with longer lasting products like CBD tinctures or gummies to offer full-coverage relief. 

Why Choose CBD Vape Pens and Cartridges? 

CBD vape pens and cartridges are unique from other dosing methods in a few ways. The most significant benefit is their quick onset time, which often makes them the top choice of those requiring quick relief. They also make it easy to find a suitable dose, so they may be a good option for new CBD users. Plus, CBD vape products are fun and customizable, offering plenty of options for those who don’t care for the “standard” flavor of plain hemp products. 

The onset time for many CBD vape products varies, but many take effect in just a few minutes, with the longest onset time averaging ten minutes. This makes CBD vaporizers a great option for those using CBD to manage chronic conditions, like pain, PTSD, or arthritis. The effects often last several hours, and we’ve experienced higher CBD vape doses that have lasted up to 6. Still, CBD vaporizers work well for near-instant relief, and can be paired with a CBD tincture or other slow-acting CBD products to extend the relief to 8 hours or more. 

Because CBD vape pens take effect quickly, they may be suitable for new users that aren’t quite sure of the best CBD dose to take. Taking only one puff at a time and waiting for the quick onset of effects allows users to essentially “stack” doses until relief is achieved. 

CBD vape pens and cartridges may also be the best option for anyone suffering from a chronic condition or sudden flares that respond to CBD. They also work well for using CBD while on the go, as the handheld devices are ultra-portable and usually fit in a pocket or purse. CBD vape pens work well on their own, but may be even more useful as part of a diverse CBD regimen.

CBD Vape Pens and Cartridges by Trusted Reviews

At Key To Cannabis, we thoroughly review each product before making recommendations. Every CBD vape product below has been adamantly tested and our reports include information on the tastes, smells, quality of effects, ingredients, and more from each product experience. This is all part of our mission to promote cannabis education and help you find trustworthy, high quality CBD products that meet your needs. If CBD vaporizers seem like the best option for you, check out the products we’ve tried below. If vaping CBD isn’t your style, take a look at other CBD products we’ve tried and loved.