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Pros and Cons

There are four preset heat settings (called Smart Paths) on the Davinci MIQRO vaporizer, and there is a small rechargeable battery on board to deliver the power to the unit. You also can disengage the temperature presets and choose your precise temperature (called Precision Heating mode). The different Smart Path settings are detailed in the chart below.

Davinci MIQRO

The temperature control is straightforward to use, and the option of quickly removing the rechargeable battery will attract users as well. The battery is around half the size of its larger sibling but should deliver up to 50 minutes of vaping. In reality, we expect this to be much less before the battery needs replacing. That’s one of the issues for small vaporizers, so you will have to get used to carrying a spare battery or having the USB cable on hand.

The MIQRO takes around 40 seconds to heat up, and it delivers excellent tasting vapor for a conduction device. One thing to keep in mind, because the MIQRO’s oven is roughly 50% smaller than the IQ, you can probably only pack in 0.25g of herb—we’d recommend a smaller amount for best results (basically, just make sure you don’t over-pack the chamber).

There’s no doubt the MIQRO is a sturdy creation with an anodized aluminum body that should deliver a long useful life, especially if well maintained.

DaVinci MIQRO Review

DaVinci MIQRO Overview

How small is small? Well, the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer will easily fit into the palm of your hand (1.34″ W x 3.13″ H x 0.91″ D). This makes vaping dry herb more discreet when out and about and weighing only three-and-a-half ounces; it’s not a burden to carry around. The unit consists of the vaporizer, the USB cable, the cleaning kit, and the extended mouthpiece. There’s also an extra battery, carry case, and the addition of a grinder card (technically in the shape of a coin).

The smaller size of the Davinci MIQRO oven means it’s undoubtedly a personal vaporizer as the unit’s chamber will only hold enough herb for one person. Instead of sharing, your fellow vapor enthusiasts should buy their own unit (or be prepared to reload the chamber for each person)! If you like to be social when vaping, you’re probably better off going with the more significant Davinci IQ.

The Davinci MIQRO certainly builds on the sibling’s best features. Still, the result is a successful creation in a smaller, more portable unit, particularly for those who want the best vapor from a small device.

The MIQRO is a premium vaporizer for those looking for ultra-portable devices. Currently, this is one of the best small dry herb vaporizers available, and it’s an excellent step into the world of vaping for novices. This unit is equally well suited for experienced consumers looking for a tiny vaporizer that delivers a wonderful vaping experience.

Price: $99-119.00 | Colors: 5 options | Engraving: +$10-40.00

How Does the MIQRO Compare to Its Predecessor, the Davinci IQ?

Davinci Vaporizers also makes the excellent Davinci IQ, which has been available for two years, and while the new version resembles the older one, the interior is different. The changes include using a different battery, and the conduction oven size is much smaller (hence, the name).

The general look of the DaVinci MIQRO is similar to the larger model, along with the LED lights on the front—though not as many as on the IQ. The unit comes with a mouthpiece with a silicon seal to keep things air-tight. There’s also a flat mouthpiece available. Without taking a measuring tape to the Davinci MIQRO, the company claims it is 33 percent smaller than the IQ and will slip into any pocket—even with the extended mouthpiece.