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Pros & Cons


  • 3 variable temperature controls
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Closes to keep the vape cart clean
  • Auto shut-off


  • The pre-heat function doesn’t work as well with thick oils as it could

RYOT at a Glance

RYOT is a dedicated cannabis lifestyle brand focused on providing solutions to the everyday problems we encounter as avid cannabis consumers. The RYOT collection covers everything you need to prepare, store, transport, and consume cannabis flower and concentrates. 

This VERB 510 battery isn’t “just another vape battery.” It’s a vape battery designed to meet the needs of even advanced cannabis consumers who take their vape on the go and need a pocket-sized, travel-ready solution that doesn’t break the bank. You need this battery and your favorite 510 threaded vape cart to get started. Still, we recommend checking out the entire RYOT collection for all the cannabis gadgets and essentials you’ll ever need.

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RYOT VERB 510 Vape Battery Overview

The RYOT VERB 510 Vaporizer Battery is a simple solution that works even for advanced consumers with specific needs. It features variable temperature settings (low, medium, and high) and an easy pre-heat option, atypical for smaller battery models. The device comes with multiple universal magnetic adaptors that quickly thread onto your 510 cartridges so that they click in and out of the device. The entire battery is built like an old-school Zippo, so it snaps closed when not in use to help keep your vape tip free of pocket lint and the other grime that can build up inside. 

The VERB 510 Battery is smaller than the palm of your hand and slides in and out of a pocket or purse with ease. The 350mAh battery is modest but provides enough power even for frequent vapers to get through the day. The charging cable is also included, so you only need to supply the oil cartridge. 

Our RYOT package arrived quickly and discreetly. It’s well packaged, organized, and straightforward to set up. We immediately loved the small, discreet size of this vape battery. The brand describes it as “stealthy,” which we definitely think was accurate at first glance.

  • Dimensions: 76mm x 40mm x 16mm
  • Durable plastic shell construction
  • Resistance: Above 0.8ohms
  • Output Voltage: Low 3.0V / Medium 3.4V /  High 3.8V
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAH
  • Fits 0.5ml Tanks with Medium Magnetic Adaptor
  • Fits Most 1ml Tanks with Short Magnetic Adaptor
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty
  • RYOT VERB 510 Vaporizer
  • 1 Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 3/16” (4.6mm) Short Magnetic Adapter
  • 1 9/16” (14.5mm) Medium Magnetic Adapter
  • Oil Cartridge NOT INCLUDED

RYOT VERB 510 Battery First-Hand Review

We mentioned that setting up this vape was easy, but we also want to say the thoughtfulness behind this vape’s design. It comes with two magnetic adapters meant to connect your 510 threaded cartridges to the battery via a magnetic closure. Each adapter is a different size, meaning you can use the longer adapter for shorter cartridges so that you still get plenty of lip room near the top of the vape. 

The shorter adapter works with longer cartridges so that you can still close the lid. The company warns that longer oil cartridges may not fit correctly with the lid closed, but we tried four different carts on hand and had no issue at all. 

The vape battery has single button control. You press it 5 times to turn the battery on or off (and the device will turn itself off after 20 minutes of inactivity). Toggling between temperature settings is simple–click the button three times and check the LED color. Green indicates the device is set at 3.4 V, blue is 3.7 V, and red is 4.0 V. 

The preheat function is the only area where the VERB 510 Battery faltered, and we ultimately decided it wasn’t such a big deal. It works—clicking the button three times will activate the preheat setting, which lasts for 12 seconds, but we found that it didn’t heat enough to make a difference with our thickest, live-resin vape carts. The first one or two hits were still a bit clunky, while the oil took time to heat to a viscous state fully. 

Still, the vapor output overall was exactly what we had hoped. We vaped at the medium temperature setting for most of our time using this battery and got smooth and consistent hits. We used the vape all day with no noticeable weakening in the battery and only charged it for a few hours in the evenings each day. 

Most importantly, we never pulled our vape from our bag to find it full of lint, dust, or gunk. The VERB 510 lid stayed closed and kept the vape clean, which is something that’s been a serious struggle in the past. Plus, this little vape is so lightweight and portable, and we loved being able to stash it in our pocket without even noticing it throughout the day. It’s honestly such a convenient alternative to pen-style vape batteries that we never see ourselves switching back.

RYOT VERB 510 Price & Comparison

The VERB 510 battery is priced at $29.00, typical for a well-made battery. Of course, you can grab any basic vape battery for $10-15 at a convenience store. Still, you likely won’t get variable temperature control or any of the unique conveniences you get with this battery model. The price range is definitely not out of place for a high-quality, 350 mAh battery that will last for years with proper care.

RYOT Quality

RYOT is known for high-quality gear, and this 510 battery is no exception. The mod is durable, and we love the extra layer of protection it provides for our cart. The vape heats quickly, hits evenly, and the vapor output is moderate even at lower temperatures. Plus, RYOT offers a 1-year warranty on this vape that covers defects and other issues. 

Verified Customer Reviews

Joseph Conn – 5 Stars

“The VERB is awesome! It feels great and works amazing! It holds a charge awesome! I buy the 0.5G and the battery lasts longer than the cartridge. Also no more worrying about breaking a cartridge. The VERB keeps it protected from being dropped. I only wish it turned on and off with the opening and closing of the lid. Maybe they can make a VERB2 someday? I recommend it to everybody!”


VERB 510 Battery Review Conclusion

This vape battery definitely solved a problem we are more than familiar with—no more lint or grime build-up in the tip of our vape when we toss it into our bag. The quick charging time and durable, protective case is a serious perk, but we’re happy with just the vape’s temperature control and pre-heat setting being built into such a compact, portable frame. 

If you’re an avid vaper, and especially if you carry your vape on the go, the VERB 510 battery is a durable option that’s clean, discreet, and well worth its price.