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Best CBD Gummies of 2019

We are firm believers that, while CBD possesses well-documented therapeutic properties, not all CBD products are created equal. So, just how should consumers discern what is of high quality and what is potentially useless — or even actively harmful? What are the best CBD gummies of 2019, and what are just, well, the rest?

With very little federal regulation for CBD companies, we have made it our mission to make brand accountability a priority by independently testing all types of products from a consumer’s perspective. We have a strict vetting process that brands are required to pass before we recommend them to consumers to ensure their CBD is not only safe, but of top notch quality:

  1. Companies must use an organic starting material.
  2. They must implement safe and effective extraction methods.
  3. Carrier oils must also be safe and effective.
  4. Companies must batch test their products for potency and safety.

Using the above criteria, as well as testing every product ourselves, we are able to curate a list of what we believe are the best CBD gummies of 2019.

What is a CBD Gummy?

best cbd gummies of 2019

Like other ingestible forms of CBD, gummies are an easy way to get your daily measured dose of CBD that lasts for several hours – perfect for managing pain and acute flare ups, as well as for regulating mood. However, because effects come as the body metabolizes the CBD, it will take about an hour or two to start feeling the full benefits of relief.

Moreover, CBD gummies are a delicious and fun way to ingest CBD. Gummies come in all different shapes, sizes, doses, and flavors, so odds are there’s a CBD gummy out there to fit your needs. We suggest taking one to two gummies every morning as a daily supplement to encourage overall health and well-being.

Our Favorite CBD Gummies:

Canna Comforts Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

best cbd gummies of 2019

Why We Love It:

We love Canna Comforts as a company for their commitment to responsible, sustainable policies throughout their business model. The strains they grow are organic and non-GMO, and loaded with medicinal benefits and cannabinoids.

As for the Full Spectrum CBD Gummies, the onset of effects is a smooth transition, as gummies are a relatively small dose of 10mg of CBD. If you’re looking for stronger effects, it’s perfectly safe to take two gummies together – you’ll notice more uplifting effects that last a few hours longer.

Unlike many CBD products, these gummies are full spectrum, meaning they include a wider range of cannabinoids present in the hemp plants rather than a pure CBD isolate. Cannabinoids offer different medicinal effects, meaning that full spectrum products can provide greater relief than just CBD, depending on the ailments you’re trying to treat. This varied cannabinoid profile, combined with their delicious taste and conscious creation, make these some of the best CBD gummies of 2019.

Best Used For:

Keep in mind that these Full Spectrum CBD Gummies will take about 90 minutes to take effect. They can be useful for insomnia or easing pains that prevent sleep, but make sure to take them far enough in advance that effects are felt at the desired time. While these are great for all-day relief, Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are not recommended for patients who need immediate relief.

Because it doesn’t offer targeted relief like topical applications of CBD, these gummies are felt in about 60 minutes and can last for about eight hours. If you take one in the morning and feel the effects wear off come afternoon time, feel free to take another gummy to keep you going.mmies are great for managing multiple conditions thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and relaxing effects that last half the day or more.

Nature’s Script Hemp Extract CBD Gummies

best cbd gummies of 2019

Why We Love It:

Nature’s Script’s products easily pass our vetting process, thanks to their quality and effectiveness. The company’s products are made of pure CBD isolate and contain no THC, making them legal in all states. They also use organic hemp grown sustainably and responsibly by experienced hemp farmers.

When it comes to the Hemp Extract CBD Gummies, they’re not only delicious, but also have noticeable effects even after ingesting just 15mg. Nature’s Script also adds white and willow bark and turmeric, which are known for their natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects.

Best Used For:

These gummies are particularly useful for anxiety, depression, and stress, offering an overall sense of well-being and calm. Besides mental wellness, they also helped to ease chronic pain and inflammation associated with conditions such as arthritis, muscle tension, and menstrual cramps.

Pure Relief Cannabidiol Night-Time Gummy Bears

best cbd gummies of 2019

Why We Love It:

Pure Relief’s entire line of products also come with the full-spectrum benefits of a complete cannabinoid profile. Everything they sell is legal, and their potent CBD offers lasting relief from a variety of ailments and symptoms.

Their CBD Night-Time Gummy Bears are great for providing an overall sense of relaxation, while helping to easy aches and pains to aide you in drifting off to sleep. They’re loaded with 30mg of CBD per gummy – a strong dose that will offer intense relief.

Best Used For:

CBD Night-Time Gummy Bears contain melatonin – a hormone naturally produced in the body that helps to regulate the sleep cycle. In this way, they are definitely best used to help you get a good night’s sleep. Effects will take one to two hours to kick in and last for over four hours. If you plan on incorporating these into your daily bedtime routine, be sure to take them as you would a regular sleeping pill, about an hour before bedtime.


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