There’s a good chance that you’ve had to take a drug test for employment purposes at some point in your working life — or that you may have to in the future. An estimated 56% of American employers require some form of drug testing and, while the continued expansion of cannabis legalization has helped facilitate a conversation surrounding pre-employment drug tests, they’re still a reality for millions of American workers. Jobs that don’t drug test used to be limited to cash gigs and some types of shift work, but that’s starting to change.

The tide is beginning to shift — New York City just passed legislation prohibiting employers from testing for THC, and other cities and states with legal cannabis markets are considering similar laws. Furthermore, drug testing is on the decline, largely because there’s very little evidence to support its effectiveness (not to mention the immense cost: American companies spent over $3 billion on drug testing in 2017 alone. With the cost and inefficacy of drug testing, jobs that don’t drug test are on the rise.

The legalization of cannabis has helped spur the conversation around the efficacy and benefit to drug testing, and American companies are beginning to take notice. That said, there’s still a long way to go before progressive attitudes toward drug testing for cannabis become the rule rather than the exception. 

While most states (and the federal government) are dragging their metaphorical feet about adapting Regan-era drug testing laws, some industries and companies are revisiting the attitudes that made drug testing so prevalent to begin with. Here, we’ll talk about 10 major companies that do not require a drug test when hiring. We’ll examine companies and jobs that don’t drug test, what’s good about them, and who they might be especially good for.

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A Few General Notes

Before we get started, we need to note a couple of potential exceptions: warehouse, loss prevention, and asset management positions. Regardless of the company you’re applying with, these types of jobs are substantially more likely to be drug tested, both prior to hiring and during employment.

For warehouse workers, this makes a lot of sense: employers want to make an effort to ensure that employees responsible for operating heavy machinery aren’t doing so under the influence in order to avoid accidents on the job. Some companies, like Amazon, predominantly use saliva tests for their warehouse employees, but others use urinalysis or hair testing.

For loss prevention and asset management positions, the concern is less about causing injury or property damage and more about ensuring that employees do not use their position or level of access to steal from the company. While employers are generally looking more for drugs like cocaine or opiates when testing these positions, a positive result for THC could be of concern.  If you are considering applying for one of these positions, be prepared to take a drug test of some kind — it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Additionally, you may be asked to submit to a drug test if you are injured on the job and file for worker’s compensation. This is to ensure that you were not intoxicated at the time of the accident, as that could allow your employer’s insurance to deny payment. If you are involved in an accident at work, be prepared to take some kind of drug test (most likely a urine or saliva screen). Even for jobs that don’t drug test prior to hiring, one may be needed if there’s an accident.


While it’s notoriously difficult to get hired on at the tech giant, Google does not drug test its employees. This is in part to do with the fact that their headquarters is located in cannabis-friendly California, but also because the company would rather employ the most innovative people than the “straightest.” If your portfolio is strong enough to get you in at Google, you won’t need to worry about a positive drug test standing in the way of your dream job. Your work is more important to them than what you choose to do in your free time.


The ubiquitous burrito chain employs over 64,000 people at hundreds of US locations and drug tests none of them. While Chipotle may not be everyone’s ideal workplace, the company has made Forbes’ list of best companies to work for multiple times, providing health benefits, education, and bonus programs that are more generous than competitors in the industry.

The company also makes an effort to use sustainable ingredients where possible, utilizing non-GMO produce and pork raised without antibiotics. If you need a position with a flexible schedule and opportunities for advancement, consider dropping an application at Chipotle. The employer is a strong contender in the industry and offers an abundance of positions and jobs that don’t drug test beforehand.


In keeping with its compatriots in the tech industry, Apple has no known drug testing policy for its employees — from retail employees to high-level management positions. Apple wants to hire people who excel at their jobs, and the company recognizes that zero-tolerance drug testing policies further limit an already small talent pool. So long as your habit doesn’t affect your performance (and provided you aren’t injured on the job — unlikely, but not impossible), you’re very unlikely to ever be tested at Apple.


The massive coffee retailer does not utilize drug testing for any of its workforce, from its thousands of retail employees to store managers to regional directors. The company is also permissive when it comes to “alternative” body modifications like visible tattoos, piercings, and unconventional hair colors or styles. In addition to a competitive benefits package, Starbucks also offers substantial employee discounts on their products, making them a potentially ideal workplace for coffee and tea enthusiasts with a knack for customer service.


Not to be outdone by competitor Apple, Microsoft does not drug test its employees — again, they’re after innovative thinkers, so as long as you come bearing a strong portfolio or resume, a positive drug test won’t keep you from working for the tech titan. Employees tend to rate the company very positively and, while there’s a large pool of people aiming for a spot, careers with Microsoft appear worth the intense competition it takes to swing them.

Whole Foods

No drug test required here, just a love of food and a willingness to educate yourself — and others — about it. If you’re into food and beverages but aren’t vibing with a traditional restaurant job, a position at high-end grocery chain Whole Foods might be perfect for you.

Based in beautiful (and surprisingly progressive, for the state) Austin, TX, Whole Foods has a reputation for taking good care of their employees, both with competitive benefits and a supportive company culture that values employee advancement and morale. If you’re a wine aficionado, an organic produce enthusiast, or a connoisseur of cheese, Whole Foods may present an ideal work environment for your skills to shine — no drug test needed.


For the artistically inclined, Michael’s offers a relaxed atmosphere working around varied crafting materials — no drug testing required. A position with the creative supplier might be appealing to people who prefer a quiet, easygoing workplace — or want to use the substantial employee discount to finance their own artistic endeavors. This makes the company ideal for prospective employees needing jobs that don’t drug test.

For those with the ability and desire to teach, Michael’s also offers the opportunity to host classes in everything from woodworking to cake decorating to sewing to crochet. Whether you’d like to share your knowledge of crafting with others or just enjoy the idea of a quiet, relatively relaxed workplace, Michael’s will allow you to get your foot in the door without a drug test.


At Petsmart, you won’t need to pass a drug test to spend your workday with animals of all shapes, sizes, and species. The store offers a wide range of positions, from retail associates to stockers to grooming specialists. An ideal career for animal lovers, a position at Petsmart will allow you to learn on the job while getting to interact with and care for a variety of animals, from lizards to birds to cats. If you connect well with animals and the people who love them, a career at Petsmart may be worth checking out. With positions ranging from stocking to management, there are plenty of jobs that don’t drug test available with the company.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

If you’re the type to routinely opt outside by camping, cycling, kayaking, fishing, hiking, or other outdoor activities, a job at Dick’s offers the opportunity to work closely with like-minded individuals in an active environment. The diverse array of products at the sporting retailer will allow you to work in your area(s) of expertise while learning more about sports and activities you may never have thought to try — perfect for people with a sense of adventure.


The familiar supermarket has made some big changes to their drug testing program in recent years: aside from warehouse and loss prevention employees, Target does not require drug testing for any of their workers. This makes the company an excellent resource for jobs that don’t drug test. The company also tends to pay a higher starting salary relative to comparable chains and offers significant benefits for full-time employees. The employee discount is enough to save you money on your grocery bill and there are positions available for everyone, from the most sociable among us to the least extroverted.




While drug testing is a formidable presence on the employment market, it isn’t ubiquitous — attitudes toward drug testing are shifting, and there are many companies who have made the decision not to test their employees for illicit substances. This is especially true in legal states, but an increasing number of national companies are opting to skip drug testing and focus their hiring process on what employees do at work, rather than penalizing them for things they do off the clock. The number of jobs that don’t drug test is starting to outpace the number of positions that do.

Table of Contents