If you’re looking for the smoothest possible dab hits with the most flavor, you need to try a VapeXhale. This new product is like a mix between a Volcano vaporizer and your typical dab rig with a quartz nail. The primary difference with the VapeXhale is that it uses hot air to heat the concentrate as opposed to a hot surface like your nail. The traditional heated nail works like a frying pan whereas the VapeXhale works like a convection oven.

Why is the VapeXhale’s technique better?

Vape Exhale Evo Review: The Best Vaporizer on the Market 2

We love the VapeXhale because it produces thick, vaporous hits with very small amounts of concentrate. A dab the size of a grain of rice will provide 2-3 flavorful hits at a temperature of 350°F – which is significantly lower than the temperature required to dab off of most nails. The lower temperature means less coughing and more taste with each dab. The pronounced flavors produced by the VapeXhale are courtesy of its all glass vapor path – the first desktop vaporizer to incorporate this feature. Plus, the VapeXhale is the first vaporizer of its kind to cool the vapor using the Company’s patented HydraTube water pipe attachments.

Most desktop vaporizers don’t have the capability of vaporizing concentrates, but the VapeXhale handles both flowers and concentrates with ease. Overall, the VapeXhale is by far the most efficient way we’ve found to consume cannabis concentrates.


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Table of Contents