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After my long stints on pain medication, I knew anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals were not an option, so I began experimenting with cannabis. I started out getting so high I could barely talk. I learned to roll joints with king size papers, which was probably a mistake because it gave me the opportunity to roll joints far bigger than I should have been smoking, but nevertheless, I slowly tinkered with my dosage. The big breakthrough for me was learning the nuances of indica and sativa. In the beginning, I stormed through the day on the brink of a mental breakdown, and then finally calmed down once I smoked in the evening. Once I discovered that a small dose of the correct sativa would keep me balanced without inhibiting my professional performance, I was off to the races. I went into a deep learning phase on different consumption methods because simply dabbing a sativa instead of smoking it had an enormously different effect as well. I never thought I’d be able to use cannabis throughout the day while living a high quality of life, but now that I know how, I’ll never go back.

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