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  • “Nice large mat, nothing sticks to it, great tool to use with...”

    - Richard P.

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Dr. Dabber at a Glance

Dr. Dabber supplies industry-leading, handheld vaporizers designed to handle dry herb, concentrates, or oils with ease. Several Dr. Dabber vape devices have achieved best-in-class ratings, and their innovative designs offer a vaping experience that is sleek and discreet, but also reliably effective. They also offer a series of glass attachments to level up your vaping experience. Choose from glass percolators, carb caps, recyclers, and more, each designed to fit one of their unique rigs.

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Dr. Dabber Coupon Code

Interested in trying the Dr. Dabber Honeymat? Be sure to use our unique Dr. Dabber Coupon Code ‘K2C15’ for 15% Off!

Dr. Dabber Honeymat Overview

Dr.Dabber Honeymat built the perfect platform for your dabs: platinum cured silicone. These non-stick pads are the perfect platform for you to organize, while simultaneously acting as a convenient and safe station for your favorite glass piece or rig. These stylish mats will look great on any dabber’s table.

Every dabber should own a Dr.Dabber Honeymat. These mats feature a no slip grip, so you don’t have to worry about your eRigs or accessories moving around. They’re heat resistant and easy to clean, while also utilizing non-stick technology so your dabs won’t get stuck to the mat.