Although the ashtray is timeless and practical (and usually necessary regardless of what or where you smoke), some offer a lot more than just a place to drop your ash, like eye-catching intricacies, multifunctional gadgets, and a wide array of materials that make clean-up a breeze. In other words, an ashtray isn’t just an ashtray anymore. 

You can still grab simple, vintage-style ashtrays that serve their purpose while serving up classic vibes. Or, you can opt for a leveled-up ashtray, like one that doubles as a storage tray or a silicone ashtray with a built-in debowler. No matter your preference or need, we think you’ll find what you need in our list of the 10 Best Ashtrays of 2023 below:

The Top 10 Most Unique Ashtrays of 2023

1. Best Ashtray that is also Multifunctional


The Vessel Ash is marketed as “the ultimate ashtray,” and they may just be right. This ashtray features a three-piece design with a sculpted concrete ashtray that lifts away from a walnut storage tray. The storage tray is designed to fit with the Vessel Helix, Air, & Carbon, three of their most popular smoking accessories, but you can also use the versatile tray to stash your favorite tools. A walnut lid encloses the ashtray when not in use. 

Need something more simple? Check out their precision-engineered brass ashtray, the Vessel Ember


  • Genuine walnut and sturdy concrete design
  • Includes a lid to hide ashes and contain the smell
  • Works seamlessly with Vessel’s high-end smoking accessories


  • Most expensive than standard ashtrays

You can grab the Vessel Ash from the brand’s online store for $150. 

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2. Best Silicone Debowler

Blazy Susan Silicone Debowler

Blazy Susan’s Silicone Debowler is an excellent, easy-to-maintain option if you’re looking for another superb ashtray multitool. This silicone ashtray features a built-in bowl cleaning spike that helps you ash out your bowls and scrape them clean right into the ashtray. The silicone design is lightweight and dishwasher safe for simple cleaning. Plus, it features Blazy Susan’s signature shade of pink, although you can grab it in 8 other color options. 


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Won’t hold smells
  • Affordable


  • No lid for portability or discretion

The Silicone Debowler costs $9.99 when you order directly from the brand’s website. 

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3. Best Retro Style Ashtray 

Tetra Ashtray

This Tetra Checkered Marble Ashtray is a high-quality option made from Carrara marble for those looking for more vintage vibes or a standout table topper. This ashtray features a minor groove in the middle for catching ash and is otherwise simplistic and eye-catching. If you’re looking to pull your ashtray right from a 1950’s dive bar, it is.


  • Simple and stylish
  • High-quality marble
  • Easy to clean


  • No grooves for holding rolled tobacco or herb
  • More expensive than standard ashtrays

You can grab this ashtray from Tetra’s website for $70.

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4. Best Ashtray for the Jokester Smoker

Best Ashtrays

If you’re a self-proclaimed comedian or want an ashtray that’s sure to strike up a conversation, the Toilet “Asstray” Ashtray is the comedic relief your smoking setup needs. This porcelain throne is made of ceramic that’s easy to clean, though you may need to scrub away at some grooves. This toilet-shaped ashtray is a spectacle for your own space, or it makes a great gag gift for your jokester smoker friends. 


  • Ceramic design
  • Conversation starter
  • Wash clean with soap and water


  • Smaller size

The Asstray costs only $12.99 from Smoke Cartel. 

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5. Best Centerpiece Ashtray

Rainbow Ashtray

This Hemp Leaf Rainbow Iridescent Ashtray may appeal to the cannabis smoker more, but it’s an undeniable eye-catcher for any smoking setup. This iridescent ashtray is made from high-quality ceramic that’s easy to clean, and the grooved hemp leaf design gives a different rainbow vibe from every angle. 


  • Built-in cigarette rests
  • Unique, vibrant reflective design
  • Easy to wash, clean


  • Not the most discreet design

You can grab this Iridescent Hemp Leaf Ashtray for just under $15 on Smoke Cartel. 

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6. Best Ashtray with Trippy Designs

Glass Ashtray

For an ashtray that’s a bit more upbeat in the design department, this  Vsyndicate Alice Mushroom Blazin Ashtray is easy to love. The design is bold and brilliantly colored and features a metal build that’s durable and cost-effective. The circular ashtray is just under 5 inches, lightweight, and easy to pack away when you’re on the go. 


  • Simple to wipe clean
  • Functional glass design
  • Affordable


  • No lid for discretion or portability

Grab this Alice Mushroom Ashtray for only $9.99 on Vsyndicate’s website. 

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7. Best Crystal Ashtray

Higher Standards Glass Ashtray

The Higher Standards Premium Crystal Ashtray is a sleek, heavy centerpiece that can be worked into any aesthetic. It’s crafted from heavy-duty crystal and features a triangular design that “symbolizes true wisdom—the connection between body, mind, and spirit.” 

The genuine crystal is perfect for holding hot smoking tools and won’t burn or scar during use, so it’s worth the investment for an ashtray that will always look brand new after a good wash with soap and water. 


  • Includes built-in cigarette rests
  • Completely heat resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Heavy, not made for portability

Grab this Crystal Ashtray from Higher Standards for $60.

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8. Best Ashtray for on the Go

Magnetic Ashtray

This Mini Magnetic Ashtray is functional and portable with two main features–an accessory stash area and a bowl cleaning spike. The stainless steel and nylon-coated glass build is durable, so you don’t need to worry about breaking if it’s tossed around while you’re on the go. The two pieces fit neatly together with a magnetic closure, and together they function as an ashtray and lid. 


  • Small and discrete
  • Lid for catching and holding ash while on the go
  • Use it to store small accessories
  • Built-in groove for cigarettes
  • Built-in debowler


  • Higher price point

You can grab this portable ashtray from Inhalco for $39.99. 

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9. Best Ashtray for a Sesh 

Giddy Glass Ashtray

This 6-piece Giddy Glass Ashtray set features a catchy Just Roll It design scheme. Each set is made from sturdy glass and features three unique designs that fit well with any smoker’s decor. Each ashtray has three divots for resting your smoke when you need a break, and you’ll have plenty of ashtrays to stash around the house where you need them. Consider buying a set if you want to avoid passing the Ashtray around during larger smoking sessions.  


  • Great for events or social smokers
  • Sturdy glass construction
  • Sleek design that fits all decor


  • Smaller size

This 6 piece set is $32.99 from Inhalco.

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10. Best Ashtray for Social Smokers

RAW Ashtray

The Raw Catcher Next Level Ashtray attaches directly to the crutch on our joint and catches ash as you smoke. This is the perfect ash-catching option for passing the joint amongst friends when you want to save your carpets. You’ll still need to dump it in a larger ashtray or trash can, but this tool is undeniably handy for your smoke circle when passing the ashtray around isn’t too convenient. 


  • Catches ash as you smoke
  • Small and portable
  • Affordable 


  • It needs to be frequently dumped into a larger ashtray or can. 

The Raw Catcher ashtray costs $7.99 from Hemper.

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