Writer Profile: Kat Austin

In 2017, a difficult pregnancy left me in rough shape. My spinal injury worsened. My anxiety was through the roof. My normal anxiety medication had become a placebo, but without the placebo effect. Nothing (that didn’t put me to sleep) gave me relief from chronic back pain. Migraines were coming at me at a rate of 3x a week, and I was completely coming undone. Because of my shaky postpartum hormone balance, any medication I was prescribed spiraled into an assemblage of unwanted side effects—except for cannabis. After I’d discovered that the relief I desired was a few puffs away, I only had to choose between feeling good and feeling sober enough to handle the busy days laid out for me. Afterall, I was now a full-time homeschooling mom of two preschoolers. Then, cannabis blessed my life once again through my discovery of non-psychoactive CBD. I tried lots of products. Some worked great. Some didn’t work at all. Before long, I’d worked out a routine that worked for me—CBD by day, cannabis concentrates by night. Cannabis literally gave me my life back, so I didn’t feel hesitant recommending it to family and friends. It wasn’t long before anyone who would listen had heard my story. Little did I know I would face the judgement of such strong social stigmas—how could I be a good mom and use cannabis, too? The truth, though, is that CBD and cannabis made me better, and the negative stigmas surrounding cannabis use are completely unfounded. After all, I was finally feeling balanced, calm, and at the top of my toddler-wrangling game. When I saw an opportunity to leap from writing health and lifestyle columns to sharing my love for this plant with the world, it was already predetermined. I had to do it. Key to Cannabis was a chance to provide cannabis re-education to help break the damaging social stigmas surrounding one of earth’s oldest medicinal plants, and that’s exactly what we aim to do. We decipher the information made available by the industry’s leading researchers, scrutinize industry leading brands to find the best of the best, and try many of the products for ourselves to give you an unbiased inside scoop. Why? To put the tools you need to design your most effective health regimen right at your fingertips, because you deserve to be at the top of your game, too!

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