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Tessera Naturals Broad Spectrum CBD Capsules look like any other CBD softgel on the market, but the brand promises unmatched efficacy and the highest quality CBD products. So, as always, we put them to the test to find out how well they really work.

The CBD Capsules come 30 to a bottle, and each offers a potent 25 mg dose of the brand’s proprietary broad-spectrum CBD formula. That’s 750 mg of THC-free CBD oil per bottle. The brand doesn’t currently offer other dosages, but they offer another variety of CBD capsules—the Sleep Formula Softgels.

The brand suggests that their premium manufacturing process and unique nano-emulsified CBD oil sets them apart. We decided to dive into the details to see exactly what makes these CBD softgels special. Then, we put them to the test against real-life stressors to see if they truly stand out.

Quality Process

Tesséra Naturals’ is a Texas-based CBD brand focused on holistic wellness and supporting the body’s self-healing abilities. They do this by offering a high-quality CBD, broad-spectrum formula made with the highest quality ingredients available. Tesséra Naturals’ sources their hemp plant material from Colorado, where it is organically grown by experienced, licensed farmers.

The farm uses a unique process to ensure bountiful, natural yields. Each crop is planted alongside melon plants that naturally decompose to fertilize the hemp plants. Hemp crops are grown and harvested at their peak—without ever being touched by artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

After harvest, Tesséra Naturals’ sends the hemp material back to their manufacturing facility. There, they use a proprietary manufacturing process that begins like many others–with a Supercritical CO2 extraction. Next, the hemp material is carefully purified to remove all unwanted plant compounds and all trace amounts of THC.

Next, the brand takes an extra step to ensure the total absence of psychoactive material in every batch of CBD extract. They use a precise testing process to check for residual THC, and then each test result is certified by the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment as zero-percent THC products.

Then, Tesséra Naturals’ takes a final important step. The CBD oil is processed via a unique nano-technology. Regular CBD molecules are “miniaturized” to create a water-soluble CBD extract and absorbed easily by the body.

This nano-emulsified CBD oil is used for each CBD Capsule batch, alongside other natural ingredients like Coconut MCT oil and natural terpenes. The final result is a clean, potent CBD softgel that is gluten-free and highly bioavailable. Finally, every batch is carefully lab tested for potency and contaminants, and Tesséra Naturals’ makes these test results available on their website. The CBD Softgels offer a potent blanket formula that’s great for use as an everyday CBD dose. The brand also offers a CBD Sleep Formula Softgel that’s great for nighttime use.

Tesséra Naturals CBD Capsules cost $75.00 a bottle, or $0.10 per milligram. This is a below-average price—a noteworthy feat for nano-emulsified CBD extract derived from organic hemp. While we think the price is more than attractive, we needed to make sure they truly do the job before giving them our official approval.

First-Hand Review

Tesséra Naturals Broad Spectrum CBD Capsules offer a 25 mg dose of broad-spectrum CBD, which is relatively close to our regular daily dose of 20 mg. The substitution was easy to make, and we enjoyed the convenience of a pre-measured dose.

We generally expect CBD capsules to take 90 minutes or more to kick in. These capsules, however, took effect more quickly than expected. The benefits of CBD were obvious—we felt the familiar decompression wash over us soon after the one hour mark. Like our regular daily dose, these CBD Capsules helped the tight muscles in our back (due to injury) relax. Generally speaking, we felt more “at ease” and prepared for the day ahead.

This ease carried on for about 8 hours, a lengthy duration of effects from a CBD dose. We noted that our back pain was still minimal after our afternoon run, even after the runner’s high had worn off. Ultimately, these CBD capsules fared as well as we had hoped and may have even lasted longer than our usual daily dose.

The softgels are easy to swallow, potent, clean, and effective—there’s really nothing not to love. The 25 mg dose was exactly what we needed but may be most appropriate for advanced CBD users or those who are familiar with their CBD dosing needs. We’re eager to recommend them for daily use, especially for those seeking relief or endurance, and suggest checking out Tesséra Natural’s sleep formula for those to fall asleep, stay asleep, and have improved sleep throughout the night