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INHALCO at a Glance

INHALCO started as a small, two-person business with one goal: To help create a better smoking experience for its clients. Today, INHALCO is still owned and operated by the friends who started it all: And serves customers from around the globe. From humble beginnings to an international business, they have worked hard to earn a place of excellence in the industry and are proud to offer exceptional value and service on their vaping & dabbing accessories marketplace.

Mad Scientist Ceramic Bong 7" Description

For true Rick and Morty fans, this ceramic bong is a must! This 7″ Mad Scientist Ceramic Bong is an officially licensed product, painstakingly crafted to capture the likeness of Rick Sanchez on the removable glass bowl piece. Carefully crafted from high quality and durable material, with an angled downstem that ensures a cool hit every time as your smoke is diffused through water. Enjoy your favorite herb in style with this unique bong.


  • Height: 7″
  • Base: 4″
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Colorful Design
  • Exact Replica of Rick
  • Unique Mouthpiece
  • Comes with Removable Glass Bowl Piece