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Inhalco at a Glance

INHALCO started as a small, two-person business with one goal: To help create a better smoking experience for its clients. Today, INHALCO is still owned and operated by the friends who started it all: And serves customers from around the globe. From humble beginnings to an international business, they have worked hard to earn a place of excellence in the industry and are proud to offer exceptional value and service on their vaping & dabbing accessories marketplace.

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INHALCO Gravity Bong Overview

Anybody who’s ever used a gravity bong knows they’re intense. The high you get from a gravity bong is powerful, but with the INHALCO Gravity Bong set-up is quick and effortless. You can enjoy hard hits even while you’re in a rush! Light the bowl of the flower attached to the mouthpiece while raising the bottle partially out of the water, and you will watch in amazement as this process creates a vacuum from the water pressure, sucking the smoke out of the bowl and into the chamber.


  • 12″ Height
  • 3″ Diameter
  • Quick and Intense Hits

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