Hemper at a Glance

Hemper is a not just an online headshop, but also a subscription service that gives you a box of smoking accessories every month as a way to explore new ways to smoke in an easy, stress-free manner. The online headshop offers an enormous variety of smoking accessories from bongs and dab rigs to rolling papers and grinders. With Hemper, you can mix things up and find new experiences without breaking the bank – all delivered straight to your door every month!

Hemper Pineapple Bong XL Description

The Pineapple Bong is a behemoth of a bong, sporting a double ball design (or rather ball and pineapple) for extra stability and functionality. The globe-like chamber features an inner pineapple downstem floating in the center, providing smooth diffusion throughout the bong. It also has not one, but two percolators for extra smooth rips. The first stage showerhead breaks up smoke and passes bubbles up to a honeycomb perc causing ample bubble stacking for double diffusion in this massive rig.


  • 11″ Inches Tall
  • Double-Ball Style
  • Pineapple Splashguard/Downstem
  • Dual Percs: Showerhead + Honeycomb

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