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  • “Amazing! I used every thing in the kit. I’ve used the resremover...”

    - Amanda G.

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Daily High Club at a Glance

Daily High Club was designed by daily smokers for daily smokers, and they focus their attention on offering smoking tools that are genuinely useful, attractive, and fairly priced. The ultimate mission? To help recreational and medical users simplify the smoking experience, save time, and save money, without compromising on quality. The glassware at Daily High Club always pushes the boundaries of current smoking technology to provide a cool, smooth smoking experience every time.

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Daily High Club Bong Cleaning Kit Overview

The Daily High Club Bong Cleaning Kit is the surest way to keep your bong looking fresh and brand new. Not only do bong kits provide you with everything you’ll need, but having a bong cleaning kit on deck will ensure your glass piece from not growing mold or harmful bacteria.


  • 2 x ResRemover Cleaning Solution
  • Cleaning Caps (Small & Large)
  • Smojo Screen
  • Pipe Cleaners Bundle
  • 4 x Smoke Cleaning Wipes