Vaporizers are quickly taking the cannabis industry by storm as users recognize the fast acting health benefits and harm reduction compared to traditional smoking methods. As vaping’s popularity soars, more and more brands are “rethinking” the tabletop vaporizer in an attempt to pack the same powerful experience into a handheld device. Enter the Linx Eden dual use vaporizer, a tiny and portable vaporizer that lets you easily vape fresh herb or concentrates (or both at the same time!)

What’s best is that this vaporizer is offered at a very attractive price point, which may make it an option for beginners who want to get a feel for vaping without a massive investment or seasoned vapers who want to add a tiny, ultra-portable unit to their collection. We don’t like to give advice unless we’ve tried it for ourselves, so we thoroughly reviewed this vaporizer for a week before this write up. In this review, we’ll cover what’s included in the Link Eden box, a close up of the device, the pros, and the cons, as well as a look at it’s awesome value compared to many other models on the market. Oh, and we’ll give you some tips on how to use it, too!

What’s Included

Linx Eden Vaporizer

The Linx Eden arrives packaged in a sturdy and concise, but simple box with an attractive design. Upon opening the box, you’ll see that the vaping module is laid center, the accessories are neatly packages to the right, and the lava plates and USB cable are tucked away to the left in their own respective packages. Everything is neatly labeled and easy to identify, and the package also includes a small user manual that is clearly written and informative.

Accessories that come with the Linx Eden include the cleaning brush, three mouthpiece covers, four replacement filter screens, and one silicone sleeve. There are three lava plates included, as well as a sturdy charging cord. The unit comes covered with an innovative magnetic mouthpiece cover, which snaps on and off in a jiff.

A Closer Look At the Linx Eden Unit

Linx Eden Vaporizer

This unit is incredibly sleek and stylish at first glance and is available in Onyx and Steel. The vaporizer is less than six inches long and weighs only a touch over 4 ounces. It’s incredibly small and could be easily and discreetly slipped into a pocket or purse. The model looks impressive at first glance, but becomes even more so when you dig into the details.

The Linx Eden is notably environmentally friendly and health conscious by design. The model includes no plastic at all. Instead, medical grade stainless steel and glass make up the bulk of the model. The chamber is large enough for one person and fashioned from quartz, offering quick convection heating that preserves the medicinal benefits of wholesome cannabinoids and terpenes.

The model features one single button that performs multiple functions, like turning the device on and off and controlling the temperature setting. You can choose between four different temperature settings ranging from 360-428 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives you ultimate control over your vaping experience. Each temperature setting is identifiable via a different color LED light shown on the front of the model. These lights also help indicate the battery level.

The model is easy to clean, and the smooth design and evenly vaporized flower prevents caking or buildup. After a week of consistent use, the model required no more than a quick dry brushing of interior surfaces. The intricate parts of the model’s mouthpiece come entirely apart, which makes it easy to clean thoroughly as needed. The instructions suggest cleaning these parts with alcohol on a cotton swab, which seems easy enough.

Innovative Lava Plates for Concentrates

Linx Eden Vaporizer

The most unique aspect about this handheld vaporizer is the ability to vaporize both bud and concentrates. The instructions suggest that bud can be vaporized alone or concentrates can be added alongside dry flower with the three included lava plates. There is no instruction for or against using the lava plates alone, but most information suggests that they should be loaded on top of a small amount of ground flower to act as a buffer between the heating element and the plates.

These lava plates are tiny, but very sturdy and well made. The plates are made of finely woven medical grade steel and allow you to easily place the desired amount of concentrate between two plates, or between three plates if a heavier dose is desired. The plates are reusable and can be easily cleaned by soaking them in alcohol and then allowing them to dry.

How to Use The Linx Eden

Using this device is really simple and the instructions lay it out in simple terms that even beginners can understand. To use your Linx Eden, follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the mouthpiece and load freshly ground material into the chamber. No filling funnel is needed as the chamber features a wide mouth at the top and easily catches ground flower as you load it. Add lava plates if desired. Do not overpack the chamber. It should be loosely packed to provide good air flow. Screw the mouthpiece back on.
  2. Press the button five times in quick succession to power the device on. The device will instantly begin to heat up.
  3. Press the button three times in quick succession to change the temperature. You should do this until you find the temperature setting (outlined in the manual) of your preference.
  4. Allow the device to heat up until it reaches the desired temperature. The LED lights will blink while heating and then the model will vibrates and the lights will stop blinking and stay lit when the device has reached the desired temperature.
  5. Remove the magnetic cap and take slow and steady puffs from the vaporizer. The device will remain at the desired temperature and will automatically shut off after 4 minutes. At this time, you can turn the device back on the finish the bowl or allow it to cool to store or reload it. Remember to put the magnetic cap back when you’re done, as it helps to keep dirt and stray materials out of the mouthpiece.

Pros and Cons of The Linx Eden

Linx Eden Vaporizer

There are a few things about this vaporizer that we absolutely loved. First, it’s compact design is incredibly convenient, but doesn’t hamper the power of this vaporizer unit at all. Also, cleaning the vaporizer was incredibly easy, and the absence of plastic or cheap materials helps this model fall in line with our high standards.

The magnetic cap is genius, as most experienced consumers know the frustration of dirty fragments building up in their mouthpiece while storing or traveling with their device. The silicone sleeve is also an impressive accessory that shows the level of forethought Linx provides. The sustainable design of medical grade steel has a single downfall—it gets hot! The form-fitting silicone sleeve is sleek and provides a great grip on the module, preventing drops and burns from the hot metal underneath.

Using the vaporizer is easy and straightforward. After the model gets to the desired temperature, it will stay on for four minutes before automatically shutting off. This is really convenient for people who often forget to turn their mod off, as it helps keep the user safe and saves battery. Four minutes was usually long enough to finish what could be loaded in the chamber, and you need to let the model cool down before reloading, so the auto shut off is perfectly integrated. The stainless design also cools quickly, within a few minutes of shut off.

We definitely had a great experience when using this vaporizer, both with and without concentrates. It’s performance with the lava plates included is outstanding—a small amount of flower (approximately 0.25 grams) and fully loaded lava plates was enough for two people to share and provided fast acting effects with a great vapor output. The vapor really showcased the pure flavor of the bud, with no synthetic or plastic aftertaste.

When using dry flower alone, however, the vapor output was significantly decreased. A fully loaded chamber was definitely enough for one person, but put out a very fine vapor instead of heavier clouds. For the price point, the device still fairs pretty well as a dry herb vaporizer, but isn’t necessarily comparable to higher quality dry herb devices, especially tabletop models like the Volcano Vaporizer.

Another downside of this device is the shorter battery time. Of course, this is a problem we encounter with most handheld devices as the amount of power needed to reach such high temperatures is often draining on the smaller battery capacity. Still, the device could be used for multiple sessions before needing to recharge. Just be sure to carry the power cable if you’re going to be away and using your vaporizer heavily.


Perhaps one of the most attractive features of this vaporizer is it’s incredibly low price point. At only $99.99, the Linx Eden is easily one of the most affordable high-quality vaporizers on the market. Similar devices easily cost 150% to double as much, and provide very similar effects. We can definitely say that you get (more than) what you pay for, both in quality, performance, and the unique and useful accessories that come with the Linx Eden.

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Table of Contents