Weighing different drug testing and detox options can be confusing, not to mention a bit stressful — when trying to pass a drug test for your dream job or legal reasons, you don’t want to take the chance of purchasing a product that won’t cleanse your system effectively. There are many different products available on the market, but unfortunately, most of them do not work consistently — or worse, they do not work at all. When selecting a drug cleansing product, choosing a reliable one is key.

So, how should you go about filtering quality detox products from the rest? Here, we’ll compare TestClear with one of the leading brands in drug testing and detox products, Clear Choice. Founded in 1993, Clear Choice has been a strong voice in the detox community for many years.

A General Note On Drug Testing

First, we need to note something about the drug testing industry and its relationship with cleansing companies. The two fields are locked in a sort of arms race with one another: as drug test cleansing companies create products that can fool the tests, more advanced tests are created. This spurs the creation of more advanced cleansing and substitution products, and so on in a self-sustaining cycle of enhanced precision and more detailed formulas.

In some ways, this is a good thing — all that competition between the two industries spurs advancements in both of them. Furthermore, research into the development of new products enhances our understanding of the science of drug testing, improving our access to empirical information on the subject. However, it puts consumers in a bit of a bind, making it so that the product that worked last year might not work next week. When choosing a cleansing or substitution product, it’s crucial to make your decision based on the most current information available.

TestClear vs. Clear Choice: Range

Clear Choice makes a wide variety of cleansing products, ranging from detox drinks that can help produce a clean result on a urine test to shampoos that remove traces of toxins from hair to mouthwashes that cleanse saliva of trace residues. So far, it stacks up well next to TestClear, which also carries a wide range of detox products to suit different needs depending on the type of test you need to pass.

TestClear vs. Clear Choice: Formulations

However, when we start to examine the products themselves, the story begins to look a bit different. Most of the Clear Choice products are pretty comparable to those carried by TestClear in terms of ingredients. Still, we noticed a trend in some of the reviews we found: consumers who reported heavy use or had shorter windows to cleanse reported less positive results than people who consumed less or had more time to abstain before testing.

To us, this is the key difference between TestClear and their competitors. Unlike many companies who formulate their products with the “average” consumer in mind, TestClear carries detox products designed to cleanse the systems of even heavy consumers, produce more reliable results, and ensure an effective cleanse, even in long term, heavy THC consumers.

This is important to us at Key to Cannabis: THC is a fat-soluble molecule and, therefore, tends to stick around in our tissues much longer than a water-soluble molecule (a category that covers most hard drugs) would. This is because most of the body’s processes are water-based — after all, we are over 70% water — and aren’t very effective at cleansing lipid-based molecules from the body.

When attempting to cleanse the body of THC, it is essential to account for the levels in your system at the start of your cleanse. If you’ve been using cannabis at high levels or for a long time, you’re more likely to have higher levels of THC and its metabolites trapped in your tissues, making effective cleansing more difficult. This is especially true of cleansing for a urine drug screen, as THC remains detectable in urine for far longer than other substances.

TestClear vs. Clear Choice: Final Thoughts

We believe that it’s better to err on the side of caution when cleansing the body of THC in advance of a drug test, especially if you’re someone who has been using cannabis for a long time, at high doses, or both. Taking a detox product from Clear Choice might work for you, but it might also leave you with traces of THC and its metabolites in your system, leading to a failed drug test.

With something as important as a job (which is tied not just to your income but also necessary things like health insurance and other important aspects of supporting yourself and your family), it’s important to rely on the cleansing product (or products) you choose. We’re all for experimentation with many other aspects of life, but in high-stakes situations like drug testing, we prefer to play it safe and use what we know works.

It’s essential not to take unnecessary risks when cleansing the body of THC, which tends to stick around for much longer than other substances that can compromise your drug test results. Unless you have potential complications to worry about due to kidney or liver problems, we find it’s better to stick to a higher dosage of cleansing ingredients for consistent, clean test results.

Takeaway: TestClear is Superior

As long-term cannabis consumers, we’re interested in the most reliable, most consistent drug test cleansing products. We feel that cannabis shouldn’t stand in your way professionally. We want to support our readers with product recommendations that work for everyone, even people with high concentrations of THC in their systems.

To this end, we choose TestClear over Clear Choice for our cleansing needs. We’ve experienced great personal success with their cleansing products when used as directed, and we found that overall, real consumers had more consistent results with their cleansing with Test Clear.

That’s not to say that Clear Choice is a bad company — their products work well for many people who consume cannabis moderately, and plenty of people have used them successfully. However, we believe in minimizing risk with cleansing products, and part of that is taking the appropriate products for your usage level. Ultimately, we prefer to err on the safe side and choose the most reliable available option, TestClear.

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