Traveling pipe devotees know that bringing their favorite wooden Sherlock pipe or Gandalf glass bowl with them isn’t always an option. Bringing a pipe on the road—especially an expensive custom piece or one that has sentimental value—is a recipe for disaster. Broken bowls are an occupational hazard for the traveling stoner, as are misplaced, confiscated, and stolen pieces. Also, even if your favorite bowl is indestructible, it might still be too big and bulky for discreet use when traveling. Plus, the scent of a freshly roasted bowl is difficult to hide. Considering all of these factors, we recommend the Safety Case, a smell proof stash box compatible with everything a traveling pipe smoker needs on the go.

one hitter on the go smoking

Most pipe smokers are looking for a simple, convenient smoking system—whether they know it or not. The Safety Case has an outdoor-grade zipper and a smell-proof exterior to combat the dead giveaway aromas of burnt weed and resin, and the interior of the case is designed to be compatible with compact accessories for convenient use while traveling. One thing is for sure: when pipe smokers use the Safety Case with Black Rock Originals’ premium accessories—namely the Grinder Card, Pebble Container, and One Hitter—smoking on the go shifts from a sketchy chore into a stress free session.

Grinder Card

how to grind weed

The key to a smooth pull and powerful hit? That would be a fine grind before packing your pipe, just like you would for rolling a joint. Breaking up your high-grade by hand is like mashing Italian roast espresso beans with a mortar and pestle—it just won’t do. Instead, tuck a Grinder Card into your Safety Case for a travel-friendly alternative to bulky grinders that’s as easy to use as it is stealthy to stash. And while we love collecting kief in my coffee table grinder, one of the benefits of using a grinder card is that there’s no loss of THC: all of the trichomes and kiefy goodness pass through the metal grate of the grinder and not a pinch of gold is lost to the winds.

Pebble Containers

The Professional, Stylish Pipe Travel Kit + 3 Stealthy Smoking Devices 2

When you’re on the road, having a container of pre-ground flower will save you time and allow you to pack your bowl even more quickly, especially if you need to be discreet. Silicone containers are smell-proof, non-stick, airtight, and easy to clean. We love to load up four different Pebbles and stash them in my Safety Case before a trip. Our MO? Pack one with indica, one with sativa, one with a hybrid, and one with kief or an extract. Not only do these bad boys make your smoke session even more efficient, but they also keep your stash virtually unnoticeable.


The Professional, Stylish Pipe Travel Kit + 3 Stealthy Smoking Devices 3

For the flower-loving pipe smoker, sometimes a vaporizer just doesn’t get the job done. One hitters, on the other hand, are my go-to for smoking herb while traveling. They’re small, stealthy, and pack a punch. Especially with finely-ground flower, these blacked out one hitters never cease to amaze (and blaze). Use the one hitter in conjunction with the Pebble system, and you can rapidly pack bowl after bowl for either individual or group smoke sessions—no matter where you are.

Safety Case

Stash the One-Hitter pipe, Grinder Card, and multiple Pebbles in your smell-proof Safety Case for efficient and discreet smoke sessions. When you combine the Safety Case with premium cannabis accessories, you’ll realize that everything fits and works together. We rely on the Safety Case everyday—whether I’m skiing in Colorado, heading to the office, or traveling somewhere new.

Table of contents

Table of Contents