Not sure where to find CBD products for pain relief? We’ve got you covered. We understand there’s a staggering amount of options out there which might make choosing difficult. That’s why we’ve done the busy work for you and took the guesswork out of which CBD products make the cut! 

What types of CBD products are best for pain relief?

All CBD products fall under three main categories. Full-spectrum (also sometimes called “hemp extract”), broad spectrum and isolate. You will see these labels on almost every CBD product. We’ll take a closer look at all three and see why reaching for full-spectrum CBD is the clear winner for pain-relief.

The difference between the three refer to the extraction method used in each. Isolate is CBD isolated from all other compounds in the hemp plant. Broad spectrum keeps the compounds in hemp plants but removes 100% of the THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis). While Full-spectrum uses all the compounds present in hemp including trace amounts of THC. But it’s not enough to make you feel “high.”

There is a synergy that occurs between THC, CBD and the other natural compounds in cannabis called “the entourage effect.” To sum the research up quickly, you should always take CBD with all the natural compounds in tact. Isolating them from one another will not deliver the best possible effect possible meaning you won’t get the full pain relief you could. 

The 7 Best CBD Products for Pain Relief 

The right dose is dependent on a handful of factors. For example, your previous experience with CBD, the severity of pain and your body weight. The research on CBD for pain relief is still very much in its infancy meaning there are no established guidelines on exact dosage. However, some studies suggest that a higher potency is necessary for lasting pain relief. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the 7 best CBD products for pain relief which all tend to have higher doses of CBD.

As with any new supplement or drug, you should use a low dose to start and gradually increase until attaining the desired effects.

Best CBD  Oil for Severe Pain: Ambary Gardens Daily Full Spectrum Extra Strength 5000

Ambary Gardens is one of our trusted brands and currently offers one of the strongest full-spectrum CBD extracts available on the market. Each dropper contains 84 mg of CBD per dose.

If this is your first time trying CBD, you might want to start with closer to 25-50mg per dose with their Full Spectrum 500mg tincture. It’s good to note that you can always control the amount with the dropper’s measurements. There is even a handy guide on the product page about how to increase the dosage according to your direct needs.

Best CBD Topical for Sore Joints: Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze

Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze CBD Topical Rub Product Review

Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze offers instant relief by applying cream straight onto the source of pain. You’ll find a refreshing, cooling effect thanks to the added menthol. You can also apply this rub up to four times per day to soothe aching joints and limbs. 

Best for Immediate Relief: CBDistillery 200 mg Grand Daddy Purp Vape Cartridge

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Vaping CBD is a fantastic way to get immediate relief anytime, anywhere. The cartridges at CBDistillery fit into any standard vape pen if needed or you can get the entire vape pen setup. These pens are an extremely affordable option and really taste great too! Read our full product review here.

Best CBD Product for Aching Muscles: Nature’s Script Hemp Pain Gel

This Hemp Pain Gel is great for aching muscles. Simply rub onto the affected area and enjoy a wave of relief within the first 90 seconds! Nature’s Script premium Hemp Extract is elevated by other pain remedies like Menthol and Carbomer for a long-lasting and cooling effect. We first tried this product for back pain relief and haven’t looked back since! 

Best CBD Cream for Irritated Skin: Joy Organics CBD Salve

Joy Organics CBD Salve Product Review

Joy Organics has designed a CBD Salve specifically for dry, irritated skin. This salve gently heals and moisturize any chapped skin or roughness. The all-natural CBD oils along with aloe, olive oil and glycerine should be more than enough to nourish and soothe sensitive skin areas while helping relieve any pain.

Best All-Purpose Solution for Inflammation: Earth Medicine Recover Muscle & Joint Gel 

Earth Medicine is another crowd favorite and top reliable brands across their product line. If you need a product that covers a multitude of uses, this 60 mg full spectrum extract is excellent. Earth Medicine has patented MicroCBD™ + Robus Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil coupled with essential oils for accelerated absorption rates. You have two options for strength, either the 200mg or 400mg dosage.

In terms of pain relief, it’s made for post workout soreness but can help with plenty of other ailments. And as Earth Medicine says, you’ll be doing cartwheels in no time. 

Best on a Budget: CBDistillery Full Spectrum Tincture

Besides having a wide range of products, CBDistillery consistently delivers the best value for your money. They have a plethora of affordable CBD products.

This full spectrum tincture is the most affordable product on this list making it a great choice for someone just getting started to figuring out how CBD can help manage their pain. Don’t worry about the low potency since you could always double or triple up until you find your sweet spot.

Best CBD Products for Pain Relief Takeaway

Whether it’s muscle soreness, aching joints or pain from a serious condition, adding CBD to your routine could offer some relief. There’s no shortage of products made exactly for what ails you. So take your time in your journey to find the perfect one for you. 

If you’d like to learn some more natural remedies, check out our 5 natural tips to treating chronic pain.