It’s 2020, and as CBD continues to get more popular it’s pretty much transcended the supplement category that got us to love it in the first place. Today CBD can be enjoyed via food, drink, lotion, pet product, or mattress (yes, really) — the list is nearly endless.  So it would only make sense of fusing together CBD and coffee. We’ve done our research and compiled a list of the 5 best CBD infused coffees to try in 2020. 

CBD Infused Coffee? Tell Me More.

At first, CBD coffee was done the old fashioned way, simply by putting a dropper or two of CBD oil tincture  into one’s coffee of choice. Not very practical…or tasty with the floating oil on top of a fresh cup of brew. 

Thankfully times have changed! Just like the multivitamin has made hitting your RDA’s that much simpler, CBD infused coffee ensures you get a standardized daily dose of both cannabinoids and caffeine. It’s practically the best of both worlds. Now, beans are being infused with the hemp extract so there’s no need to worry about the unsettling separation issue.

The 5 Best CBD Infused Coffees To Try In 2020

1. Basically the Best: Subduction Coffee+Hemp Columbian Blend

We’ll start with a CBD Infused coffee that hits all the basics: Subduction Coffees’ Colombian blend. Colombian coffee is world-famous for a reason — it’s usually the best! As the experts at Subduction Coffee+Hemp say, “Colombian coffee beans are known for being smooth and easy to drink. This region features a rich volcanic soil that is ideal for growing coffee.” 

The hemp in this roast is just as premium. It’s American-grown, organic, and third-party lab-tested. That’s a win-win-win in our books. 

We also appreciate the options available: you can order this coffee in any of three different grinds, and even select either 10 or 20 milligrams of CBD/serving options. To summarize, this coffee is the best at catering to customers and doing things simply. 

Oh, and did we mention that Subduction Coffee+Hemp CBD source is nano-emulsified, aka water soluble? That means better absorption rates — and a better drinking experience for you. 

Key Highlight: Just your standard premium coffee, infused with plenty of premium CBD that gets the job done.

2. The Connoisseur’s Choice: Subduction Coffee+Hemp Brazilian Roast

This dark roast coffee sets itself apart from the rest. It’s sourced from one of Brazil’s first Fair Trade + Certified Organic farms. The beans are roasted in small batches and even sun dried. What else could you expect from Subduction Coffee+Hemp though? A brand made by coffee connoisseurs for coffee connoisseurs. 

Another bonus? Customers have the choice of either 10 or 20 milligrams of CBD per serving. We suggest opting for the 20mg to stay tangibly uplifted all day long. 

Key Highlight: This one’s seriously popular with dark roast enthusiasts…and one cup might be just enough to discover why.

3. Best Artisanal Option: Evo Hemp Forest Coffee 

Evo Hemp sets itself apart from other brands for a lot of reasons. Their company takes a truly holistic view of the hemp plant, offering sustainably sourced hemp apparel, food, drink, protein, CBD oil…and now, coffee! A partnership with the equally high-vibing Forest Coffee Trading Company makes it all possible. 

According to Evo Hemp themselves, this partnership was only natural: “CBD perfectly balances and compliments coffee as it keeps you feeling calm in the presence of caffeine, counteracting the jittery feelings that come with coffee while keeping the energy kick!”

And while this coffee may be artisanal, it’s also high-tech. Evo’s CBD source is naturally nano-emulsified with sunflower and hemp seed oils, which keeps its bioavailability optimized. 

Key Highlight: Artisan coffee meets cutting-edge CBD. 

4. Best Medium Roast: CBD Infusionz Hemp Coffee 

Ever heard of the company CBD Infusionz? If not, we recommend checking  them out! As the name implies, they’re pros at infusing CBD into food, tea, chocolate, hot chocolate, just about anything. But one of their best sellers is their CBD infused coffee.

This particular blend is 100% Arabica, born in lush green mountaintops high in the Columbia mountains. No joke — it might just have you feeling born again when religiously taken every morning. Plus each serving contains 16 milligrams of premium broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD. What’s not to love here?

Key Highlight: A tasty medium roast infused with plenty of CBD. 

5. Most Practical Option: Subduction Coffee+Hemp Sumatra Pods

Sure, regular CBD-infused coffee is great and all. But for the especially time-sensitive folks there’s an even better way: CBD-infused K-cups. 

Up until recently that wasn’t even an option. But Subduction Coffee is at it yet again, having now made single-serving CBD coffee available to all. The company describes this Sumatran blend as “earthy and herbal with chocolate notes,” so it’s probably the tastiest (and most convenient) way to stay energized and hit your 2020 goals. 

Key Highlight: CBD, placed almost magically in K-cup form. Now your morning has one less thing to worry about. 

The CBD Infused Coffee Takeaway

Within the world of CBD infused coffees, there are a lot of good options. If you’re ready to try the stuff for yourself, but still on the fence regarding which of these options is best for you…we’re here to help.

Check out this article to see Subduction Coffee covered in-depth, or this article to understand what makes coffee and cannabinoids such an effective combo in the first place.

Happy drinking!