Many have found combining meditation and cannabis can help ease one into a deeper focus and relaxed state during their practice. We found the 10 best cannabis strains for meditation to help deepen your practice.  

Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation requires one to be extremely present without the movement thoughts. Studies have shown that a daily meditation practice can be beneficial to your physical and mental health. Meditation is an ancient art practiced by many around the world to align the energy of body and mind.

Meditation helps relieve stress and anxiety from everyday life and helps focus on inner energy and wellness. The efficiency of this simple practice influences your overall health and wellness.

A regular meditation practice can improve daily concentration and stress levels. Many have found that a daily practice helps improve mood, sleep, and even sex life. Long term, meditation can also reduce aging by keeping the brain cells refreshed and rejuvenated.  

Cannabis users across the world often share insights on how the plant can also improve overall focus. Certain strains of the cannabis plant can enhance the sensitivity of various functions in the body, which in turn improves focus and relaxation. Together, cannabis and meditation can be a powerful synergy to help deepen your practice reaching a greater state of peace.

Check out the 10 best cannabis strains for meditation.

Granddaddy Purple

This strain is a famous Indica-dominant variety from the fields of California. It is a hybrid between Big Bud and Purple Urke with a high concentration of THC. The total THC content of the strain ranges between 17–23 percent, which is highly effective in creating an intense high to promote relaxation and improve focus. Granddaddy Purple is known to help shut down external white noise and keep one’s mind more in sync with internal thoughts. This strain is known to create a feeling of euphoria in patients and can help elevate their mood.

Oregon Lemons

The soothing flavors of lemongrass and green tea from this strain are among the various characteristics that make it appropriate to aid your meditation practice. It is a balanced hybrid that creates a tantalizing effect on the mind. The strain is intense on the body and mind while providing a satisfying high. The smooth and relaxing flavors of the strains when paired with the earthy tones of the plant cause a calming effect that guides you into meditation efficiently.

Lamb’s Bread

Lamb Kush is the hybrid strain that carries the perfect balance of relaxation from Indica and stimulation from Sativa. Lamb’s Bread counters the overwhelming feeling of some varieties such as the Hindu Kush and offers a balanced high that is deep. The origin of Lamb Kush can be traced back to Jamaica and is one of the highly preferred choices for yogis. The earthy aroma from this strain triggers a sense of euphoria almost immediately. It helps enhance sensitivity to movement while bringing peace and tranquillity.


MARS OG is the right strain to assist you in a journey of self-discovery. This Indica-dominant strain helps the consumer find a sense of grounding. The variety creates a comfortable space internally and the high brings a soothing presence. This strain comes with aroma of pepper with undertones of citrus and herbs. Be prepared to feel a heavy body buzz.

White Widow

White Widow is one of the most popular varieties among cannabis users from across the globe. White Widow offers a rather clear and energetic head high. This strain is usually used by artists to enhance creativity and energy to focus. This strain is a great option to help a consumer connect with their purpose. It can make one feel grounded and increase the sensitivity of one’s senses.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a popular Indica strain for those looking for a way to relax their bodies and minds efficiently. The strain helps create a sense of euphoria in its users almost immediately. It also helps relieve stress and elevates focus while meditating. Northern Lights is the best strain for relieving stress-related problems and mental illnesses.


If you’re looking for a strain to help stop racing thoughts and promote inner peace, then Lavender is the best choice for you. The Indica-dominant strain offers ample health benefits as opposed to an intense cerebral high. The strain is light on your body and helps concentration. The Lavender strain is a great choice for beginners looking to start incorporating cannabis into meditation or yoga. Patients suffering from mental health conditions such as ADHD often look to this strain for improvement in their condition.

Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush strain is yet another favorite among cannabis consumers that has an unmatchable effect. The pure earthy aroma of the strain pairs with its incredible health benefits, making it a potent strain for aiding meditation. The variety contains about 18 percent THC content and is a pure Indica strain with the sweet notes of sandalwood, pine, and citrus.

Royal Cookies

Royal Cookies carries a soothing aroma of earthy tones with a mild hint of sweetness. The strain is appropriate to create deep relaxation in the body and a sense of euphoria. It is not recommended for novice cannabis users as the overall effect could be rather intense. In small doses, the strain can help free the mind from clutter and help achieve inner silence.

Purple Gas

While most of the strains on this list carry high THC concentrations, that’s not to say there aren’t remarkable CBD-dominant strains to help aid in meditation without the feeling of ‘being high’. One of our recommendations includes  Purple Gas, which aids in relief from anxiety, mood swings and depression.  Elektra is another great CBD-dominant strain, which helps increase concentration while promoting relaxation.

Finding Your Strain

Whether you are just starting a meditation practice or looking to deepen yours, cannabis can be a powerful aid in promoting inner calmness. The 10 best cannabis strains for meditation can help bring a sense of clarity, concentration and deeper focus each time you tap into your meditation practice.

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Table of Contents