Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

XXtra Clean advertises itself as Tropical Flavored, and the smell of the product reflects that. The predominant note is citrus, mainly orange but with hints of lemon and grapefruit. These tones mingle with the sweet scents of cherry, pineapple, and strawberry, making for a sweet bouquet with a hint of tartness. Think red Hawaiian Punch with some Shock Tarts shaken up in the bottle.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

We found the flavor of XXtra Clean to be true to its name. Tangy citrus (again, mostly orange, but with a light kick of tart lemon and grapefruit) adds brightness to the fruity mid-tones of pineapple, strawberry, and maraschino cherry. There is a notable, almost biting tartness to the aftertaste that reminded us of a Shock Tart. It’s not unpleasant, but it is intense and could be off-putting to some consumers.

There is a sour, tangy aftertaste that isn’t exactly awesome. But, then again, we aren’t exactly drinking XXtra Clean for the taste. We suspect that the flavor comes from the proprietary herbal blend within the beverage, and we’re okay with it.  It isn’t bitter, but it is a little aggressive at first and maybe overwhelming to people with sensitive palates.  If this is you, try downing it in a few gulps as possible to minimize the aftertaste.

Since XXtra Clean contains a significant amount of citric acid, its strong citrus taste makes sense. That said, if you’re put off by orange flavoring in candies and other foods, you may find it hard to drink. The bottle is smaller than its cousin Mega Clean and contains 20 fluid ounces versus 32, so it’s easier to down in a few big gulps.


The beverage itself is similar in consistency to tea and bright red in color. It lacks the syrupy taste of many commercial fruit beverages and doesn’t cling to the tissues of the mouth, making for a short-lived aftertaste.  Be cautious of drinking XXtra Clean in your white interview clothes, as it could stain if spilled.

Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

According to the information available from TestClear, XXtra Clean is best used a few hours before you need to test clean. It becomes effective one hour after consumption and remains effective for up to five hours, allowing you a bit of flexibility when timing your test. We tested it at the three-hour mark when TestClear explains that the product is most effective, to see maximum results.

After drinking the entire bottle of XXtra Clean quickly, we waited fifteen minutes before refilling the bottle with water and drinking the entire contents again, also quickly. We felt the urge to urinate within ten minutes of finishing the water, and unless you’re dehydrated (a no-go for cleansing!) you’ll probably also need to go sooner rather than later. This means that XXtra Clean is working to flush your system and create that window during which you can test negative for THC.

Over the next few hours, you’ll likely need to urinate often. Again, this means the product is working, flushing your system of toxins and ensuring a clean testing window. Go as many times as you need to before your test, drinking up to 20 ounces of water every two hours as needed to maintain your supply.

When we tested our urine at three hours from ingestion, we came up clean! The THC line wasn’t as strong as the control line, but it was a passing result nonetheless. We should point out that we abstained from cannabis for a minimum of 48 hours before testing XXtra Clean, in addition to utilizing the pre-cleanse tablets that are included with the drink (you can also order more if you have more time to cleanse beforehand). We also kept our beverages limited to water during this time to maximize the cleansing potential of this product.

Best used for

Perhaps we should begin by saying that this product is designed to work for urinalysis drug screens. It will not work for blood, hair, or saliva tests; although, TestClear makes products for passing hair testing and mouth swab testing as well. Since most of the drug testing conducted is through either urine or saliva screens, it’s applicable for many people. We think this product is especially useful if you’re subject to supervised drug testing (where someone is physically watching you pee) or are otherwise unable to use a powdered urine kit, our personal favorite way to pass a urine drug test. If you need to test clean on short notice and won’t be able to use powdered urine, XXtra Clean is effective for even long-term heavy smokers when used correctly.

There are some potential caveats: first, XXtra Clean contains 26 grams of sugar per bottle, so it’s not ideal if you’re trying to control your blood sugar or count carbs. Second, due to a few components of the proprietary herbal blend, XXtra Clean may not be a good choice for pregnant or breastfeeding consumers. It is up to you to weigh the potential risks and benefits in your situation and decide what’s right for you. If you’re concerned about a specific ingredient, it’s okay to ask your doctor about that ingredient to be on the safe side.

Best used with (Complimentary Product)

XXtra Clean is best used with the accompanying pre-cleanse pills, especially if you are more than an occasional cannabis consumer. The pills are a bit large and strangely salty, which makes them mildly punishing if you can’t get them down quickly. To make them easier to swallow, the tablets can be broken in half, but do not crush them.

The evening before you are going to be tested, take one tablet per hour with a 16oz glass of water for six consecutive hours. You should plan to be near a restroom during this time. Then, the day of your test, take XXtra Clean about three hours before test time as directed. Make sure that the urine you test with isn’t your first pee since taking XXtra Clean!


XXtra Clean is reasonably priced at $39.95 per bottle; the expense is much more affordable than the alternative of losing your dream job (or your current one) due to a failed drug test—not to mention the potential legal consequences if the test is for court). There are bulk discounts available when you purchase 3 or more bottles at a time. While it’s an initial investment, it allows you to keep a bottle or two on deck for emergencies and avoid additional charges like rush shipping fees. Being prepared never hurt anyone, and having a reliable cleansing product on hand can be a lifesaver in sudden situations.


There are tons of cleansing products available on the market that promise results, but purchasing a product that hasn’t been tested can be a huge risk, especially if that product was formulated based on outdated science. When used as directed (and, obviously, in conjunction with abstinence from cannabis), XXtra Clean from TestClear works, even for heavy smokers.


Supplement Facts:

  • Serving Size: One Bottle (591 mL/20 fl oz)
  • Calories: 120
  • Total Carbohydrate:  27g (9%)
  • Total Sugars: 26g
  • Vitamin A (as Retinyl Palmitate): 1,500 IU (30%)
  • Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol): 120 IU (30%)
  • Thiamin (as Thiamin Hydrochloride): 0.5 mg (35%)
  • Riboflavin: 0.5mg (30%)
  • Niacin (as Niacinamide): 6 mg (30%)
  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride): 0.6 mg (30%)
  • Folate (as Folic Acid): 120 mcg DFE (30%)
  • Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin): 1.8 mcg (30%)
  • Biotin (as d-Biotin): 90 mcg (30%)
  • Pantothenic Acid (as D-Calcium Pantothenate): 3 mg (30%)
  • Calcium (as Calcium Lactate Gluconate): 120 mg (12%)
  • Magnesium (as Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate): 48 mg (12%)
  • Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate): 4.5 mg (30%)
  • Selenium (as L-Selenomethionine): 21 mcg (30%)
  • Manganese (as Manganese Amino Acid Chelate): 0.6 mg (30%)
  • Chromium (as Chromium Polynicotinate) 36 mcg (30%)
  • Sodium: 120 mg (6%)
  • Fruit Pectin: 107 mg

Proprietary herb Blend:  Uva Ursi Extract (leaf), Ginseng Extract (root), Burdock Extract (root), Milk Thistle Extract (seed), Stinging Nettle Extract (leaf)

Creatine Monohydrate:  625 mg

Other Ingredients:  Reverse Osmosis Water, Fructose, Citric Acid, Tropical Fruit Flavoring (with other natural flavors), Sodium Benzoate (Preservative) and Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Red 40

For more than 20 years, more than 20 million people like you have trusted Detoxify because it works.

The herbs, fiber, vitamins and minerals in MEGA CLEAN support the 4 Factors of Full System Cleansing

  • Cleansing herbs promote the production of urine and support the kidney and urinary system functions.
  • Fruit fiber supports digestive system function and health.
  • Contains ingredients that support circulatory system function.
  • Vitamins and minerals replenish nutrients lost during intense cleansing.

Directions For Use

Follow these simple steps and you will notice XXTRA CLEAN’s immediate impact on your body’s natural cleansing process.

  1. Pick your day for using your XXTRA CLEAN for intensive cleansing
  2. Shake the XXTRA CLEAN well and drink entire contents of the bottle
  3. Wait 15 minutes.  Refill the XXTRA CLEAN bottle with water — shake and drink
  4. Frequent urination (3-4 times) indicates that you are experiencing optimal cleansing with     XXTRA CLEAN
  5. You may drink 20 oz of water every 2 hours after using XXTRA CLEAN to extend your cleansing benefits throughout the day

Additional Information

  • XXTRA CLEAN is intended for periodic intensive cleansing that is a part of an ongoing cleansing routine
  • For best results, use Detoxify’s pre-cleansing products for 2 days prior to using XXTRA CLEAN
  • Eat light meals, including fruits, vegetables and fiber during your cleansing program
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult their physician before using this product.  XXTRA CLEAN is not intended for children.