Tetra at a Glance

Meet Tetra, an accessories brand for the modern smoker. Founded in 2015, Tetra is focused on today’s smokers; aesthetes who want a beautiful place to store their joint. The accessory company creates objects with character and style at every price point, for use every day or on special occasions. With funky mid-century and retro designs from highly skilled artisans across the globe, you’re sure to find a piece that will refine your smoking experience.

Tetra Checkered Marble Ashtray Overview

Made from marble, the Tetra Checkered Marble Ashtray is a retro solution to your smoking needs; featuring a subtle dip in the middle and a satin-polished finish, this ashtray is sure to start a conversation.

  • Marble
  • 4.7″ l x 4.7″ w x .8″ h
  • Made in China
  • Handwash with soap and water