Product Overview

While we’ve had good results with TestClear’s line of drug test cleansing products, we prefer to know for certain that the products we choose will be effective. We like to test ourselves before submitting to a drug test at a facility or for employment purposes — this may be an abundance of caution, but we prefer to be safe rather than sorry. 

Saliva drug tests are growing in popularity for a couple of reasons. They’re cheap for companies to implement and give a better picture of recent drug use compared to urine screens. Saliva tests are usually easier to pass than urine screens, especially Toxin Rid’s Rescue Wash mouthwash. To test the mouthwash’s effectiveness, we also tested the at-home SalivaConfirm drug test panels available from TestClear. Here, we’ll discuss the details of the product, what it includes, and our experience with the saliva drug test. 

Product Includes

The SalivaConfirm drug test is straightforward, easy to use, and comes in very no-frills packaging.  The testing panel comes sealed in a plastic pouch that is easy to open and protects the panel from contamination. The pouch contains a reflective material that shields the panel from damage, and the individual products are enclosed within the testing apparatus itself. 

The instructions are printed on the outside of the pouch.  Inside the pouch, the SalivaConfirm test consists of a small plastic box (about 3” tall by 2” wide by 1” deep) with test strips on one side and a testing swab affixed to the lid of the box. The swab is separate from the testing apparatus and will need to be affixed before taking the test (an easy job, but one you’ll want to do with gloves or something else to protect the swab from contamination). 

We should note that the product didn’t include any instructions, a departure from the other drug testing products we’ve tried from TestClear. This wasn’t a huge deal (it’s pretty easy to figure out), but we felt it was worth a mention, especially for people who feel very strongly about following the directions (an approach we respect). 

Claims the Product Makes

The at-home SalivaConfirm drug screen detects THC (from cannabis), methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines (like Adderall or Vyvanse). The test is 99% accurate and delivers results in just ten minutes, making it easy to use at home regardless of your level of experience.  

The foam saliva swab is quite large — this is to collect enough saliva to channel into the test chamber for absorption by the different drug panels. You’ll need quite a substantial amount of saliva to satisfy the test, so bear that in mind when you’re preparing. Additionally, you’ll need to make sure that you use clean hands to put the SalivaConfirm swab onto its plastic barb to hold it in place for testing (or use gloves to attach the swab to the test).

User Experience

Using the saliva drug test is pretty simple. Once you’ve attached the swab to the end of the plastic barb for collection and testing, simply run the swab along the inside of the mouth, focusing on the inside of the cheeks. The swab will collect saliva and store it for testing. 

It is important to make sure that your swab is saturated with saliva for testing — too little, and the test won’t be able to read your sample effectively. With that in mind, make sure to really get in there when you’re collecting your sample — it takes quite a lot of spit to make it happen! We found it helpful to have a tall glass of water before testing, that way we were sufficiently hydrated to produce an amply sized sample. 

Once you’ve fully readied your sample swab, insert the swab into the rectangular testing vial. Ensure that the swab is in the correct place (there’s a rounded spot in the bottom of the vial that the swab fits securely into), then press down on the lid (the part attached to the swab) to lock it into place. This may feel a little unnatural — or like you might break it! — but don’t worry. The swab will squash down into place, squeezing your sample out into the channels for testing. 

After you’ve locked the cap into place, squishing the swab to expel your sample into the channels, sit tight for about ten minutes. During this time, the saliva sample in the sponge tip of the swab will be channeled to the testing strips located at the front of the vial and drawn upward for testing. It takes some time (the saliva has to be absorbed by the special testing paper and make its journey upward), so don’t expect near-instant results like you would with a urine test. Pop a squat and sit tight for 5-10 minutes for your results.

We tested the saliva screen twice — once without the Rescue Wash, and once with it. We did this to ensure that the test would detect THC in a regular consumer (after all, validity is important). To test the saliva panel without the mouthwash, we smoked a bowl of cannabis about twelve hours before testing. We did not use any cleansing products outside our normal dental hygiene and water consumption. When we tested the mouthwash, we followed the directions included before retesting our saliva using the TestClear kit.

The SalivaConfirm test is pretty easy to read, especially if you’ve read a drug test before (even a different type). Lines in the Control portion of the window indicate the validity of the test, so check for these lines first.  If they are not present, the test is invalid and the results will not be used. Once you’ve read the control lines, check the THC portion of the window. A line (even a faint line) is a negative result, while the absence of a line indicates the presence of THC and, therefore, a positive drug test.  If lines are only present in the THC portion of the window and not the Control part, then the test is invalid and the subject should be retested.  

We tested positive for THC in our first test (the one without the mouthwash), but negative after using the Rescue Wash. Our testing showed that the SalivaConfirm panel was able to detect THC in compromised samples. Additionally, we determined that the use of the Rescue Wash effectively produced a clean saliva sample, even when used as little as an hour after the most recent consumption of THC.

Best Used For

The SalivaConfirm drug test is a convenient and simple way to test your saliva in the privacy and comfort of your home. Whether you are preparing for a mandatory drug test or determining THC exposure, this at-home drug test will detect the presence of THC and its metabolites in saliva, even at low levels. The SalivaConfirm test is an affordable and reliable way to ensure that you test clean when it matters most.

Best Used With

This drug test is specifically calibrated to detect THC and other drugs in saliva, but TestClear also offers different tests that are capable of detecting THC in urine and hair as well.  If you are using this drug test to prepare for a mandatory test of your own, you might want to use it in conjunction with a cleansing mouthwash like Rescue Wash to rid the saliva of toxins and contaminants and ensure you pass your test. Rescue Wash is an effective method to help you pass a saliva drug screen, even with a very short period of abstinence before testing.  


As far as at-home drug tests are concerned, this product is reasonably priced (and TestClear offers bulk discounts on purchases of 3 or more units, providing a price break if you need them regularly) and very reliable.  There are bargain-basement drug tests available on the market, but we see value in the low testing threshold and high accuracy rate of this product. Additionally, many competing saliva tests are only available by the case, which is far more than most of us need.



There are a few dirt-cheap drug testing options available online, but they feel a bit dubious to us and don’t come with the same support and low testing threshold that the SalivaConfirm tests do.  Additionally, we’re not convinced that those ultra low-priced tests are as reliable or as accurate as these from TestClear.  We found that these tests were actually a bit more affordable than the most comparable option at our local drugstore and offered equivalent performance and testing thresholds.  In terms of reliability and validity, this at-home THC saliva drug test is outstanding.