Product Includes

The product is straightforward and no-frills.  The testing panel comes sealed in a plastic pouch that is easy to open and protects the panel from contamination.  The instructions are printed on the outside of the pouch. Inside the pouch, the panel is flat and similar in size to a small pen.  The panel includes a sanitary cap to cover the dip site, further preventing any potential contamination of your test.

Claims the Product Makes

The at-home THC urine screen is advertised with a threshold of 50 ng/mL, allowing it to detect THC and its metabolites at even very low concentrations (this is on the same level of sensitivity as currently-used pre-employment and court-ordered drug tests).  The test is 99% accurate and delivers results in just five minutes, making it easy to use at home regardless of your level of experience.

The sanitary cap that comes included with the drug test will help keep the test panel clean, preventing any contamination from counters, tables, or other surfaces.  The cap should remain in place except for when you are actively using the test for best results. To protect the integrity of the test, do not expose it to extreme temperatures before use.

Our Experience With the Product

We have used this product many times and have yet to experience a test failure.  To use the product, remove the test panel from the plastic pouch just prior to use.  Then, collect your sample (you won’t need much, but it’s better to leave too large a sample than too small on the day of your actual drug test) into a plastic cup or another receptacle (make sure it’s clean!!)

When you’re ready to test your specimen, remove the sanitary cap from the drug test and immerse the dip card (the little piece of panel material protruding from the end of the test) in the sample.  Don’t feel like you need to submerge the whole thing — the panel itself is made of a vascular material that consists of tiny tubes that will carry the urine sample upward into the panel to be tested.  You should be careful when dipping the panel into the specimen not to pass the Max Immersion Line, as it could compromise the integrity of your test.

Once you’ve dipped the card into your sample for about 10-15 seconds (this time allows the urine specimen to saturate the panel enough to test effectively), remove the test and replace the sanitary cap.  Then, lay the test panel horizontally on a flat surface like a counter or table and allow it to process for five minutes.  After five minutes has elapsed (don’t wait too long to read your result!), read the panel by looking at the lines displayed in the windows.

Lines in the control portion of the window indicate the validity of the test, so check for these lines first.  If they are not present, the test is invalid and the results will not be used.  Once you’ve read the control lines, check the THC portion of the window. A line (even a faint line) is a negative result, while the absence of a line indicates the presence of THC and, therefore, a positive drug test.  If lines are only present in the THC portion of the window and not the Control part, then the test is invalid and the subject should be re-tested.

Best used for

This product is ideal for people looking to test their urine in the privacy of their own homes, whether to prepare for a mandatory drug test or to determine exposure to THC.  If you’re curious whether your cleansing product has cleared your urine of THC and its metabolites, this at-home drug test is an affordable and reliable way to be certain you’re in the clear.

Best used with (Complimentary Product)

This product is specifically calibrated to detect THC in the urine, but TestClear also offers different tests that are capable of detecting an array of other substances.  If you are using this drug test panel to prepare for a drug test of your own, you might want to use it in conjunction with a cleansing drink like Mega Clean or XXtra Clean to help rid your system of toxins and contaminants and ensure you pass your drug test.  If you are an especially heavy consumer, it may be a good idea to use multiple cleansing products together for best effects, particularly if you are short on time.


As far as at-home drug tests are concerned, this product is reasonably priced (and TestClear offers bulk discounts on purchases of 3 or more units, providing a price break if you need them regularly) and very reliable. There are bargain-basement drug tests available on the market, but we see value in the low testing threshold and high accuracy rate of this product.


There are a few dirt-cheap drug testing options available online, but they feel a bit sketchy to us and don’t come with the same support and low testing threshold that these tests do.  Additionally, we’re not convinced that those ultra-low-priced tests are as reliable or as accurate as these from TestClear.  We found that these tests were actually a bit more affordable than the most comparable option at our local drugstore and offered equivalent performance and testing thresholds.  In terms of reliability and validity, this at-home THC drug test is outstanding.