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  • Tessera Naturals CBD Tincture promises a general use tincture that is pure and potent but completely free of THC. This tincture is made with natural MCT oil, eliminating the bite associated with traditional tinctures with an alcohol base.
  • Tessera Naturals’ uses an organic hemp cultivation process centered around their own proprietary hemp strain. We like that each batch is made in the United States and is 2018 Farm Bill compliant.
  • Tessera Naturals suggests that CBD, the active ingredient in this tincture, is essential for promoting daily balance. In our experience, the tincture makes daily dosing simple, even if you need to adjust your dose frequently. We found the tincture to be effective in treating our chronic pain and experienced no side effects.
  • Comes in two flavors: Mint, Natural
  • Comes in two potencies: 500 mg, 1000 mg


Tessera Naturals Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture is simple at first sight, but the brand claims that there’s a lot more to the story. Does this broad-spectrum tincture provide significant relief?

Tesséra Naturals CBD Tincture is available in two potencies. The 500 mg tincture offers a dose of approximately 17 mg per mL, while the 1000 mg option offers double that at 33 mg per dose. There are also two flavor options to choose from, including Mint and Natural. While this looks like any other CBD tincture from the start, the brand emphasizes the purity and potency of their CBD tinctures. In particular, this one is made without contaminants and is certified to be free of THC—something that’s attractive for THC-restricted consumers.

Certifications are nice on paper, but they don’t promise results. We decided to put this tincture to the test to see if it lives up to Tesséra Naturals’ quality promise.

Tesséra Naturals’ is based in Texas, but they outsource to Colorado for their hemp products. Thanks to Colorado’s advanced hemp industry, the brand is able to procure premium quality hemp material that’s grown without harsh chemicals or pesticides. According to the brand, their farmers use a unique fertilization method for each hemp crop. The hemp is planted alongside melons that naturally fertilize each plant as they decompose.

The plants are harvested and transferred to the manufacturing facility where they are processed via Supercritical CO2 extraction. This process extracts potent hemp material without the use of solvents, resulting in a clean extract product. It doesn’t stop there, though. Tesséra Naturals’ takes a few extra steps to ensure quality, starting with a purification process to remove all unwanted plant materials and trace THC. The material is carefully tested and then certified by the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment as zero-percent THC products.

Finally, the CBD extract is mixed with Coconut MCT oil and essential oils to create Tesséra’s CBD Tincture. They send a sample from each batch off for third-party lab testing to check the potency and purity, and the test results are available on the brand’s website.

The CBD Oil from Tesséra Naturals’ cost $59 for the 500 mg bottle or $99 for the 1000 mg bottle. On the high end, that’s under $0.12 per milligram, which is a middle-road price to pay for high-quality CBD. If the formula proves to be effective, we think the large bottle (at $0.10 per milligram) is a bargain.

First-Hand Review

Tesséra Naturals Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture offers a potent dose of broad-spectrum CBD in a sublingual form. We took our dose first thing in the morning to see how this CBD formula fared against the day’s challenges.

The Tincture has an oily mouthfeel and pleasant flavor. The Natural flavor is clean and only mildly hempy, and the Mint tastes like unsweetened spearmint gum. Most importantly, though, the flavor washes away quickly and doesn’t linger.

We held the oil under our tongue as instructed and then swallowed the rest. It took a little over half an hour to feel the effects, which began as a slight euphoria that helped us feel relaxed and focused. The effects continued to increase over the next hour until our sore joints were loosened, and we felt nimble and energized. We were impressed by the fast onset and efficacy, but the effects did wane quickly too. After about four hours we felt back pain creeping on and took another dose. The second dose took effect quickly and pushed us through the rest of the day with ease.

Tesséra Naturals’ CBD Tincture is palatable and effective, and the multiple potencies and flavors make it a suitable option for beginners and advanced users alike. The tincture with attached dropper also makes it easy to increase and decrease the dose as needed, which is essential for easing into a dosing routine. This broad-spectrum CBD tincture formula is designed for general use, so we’d recommend this for ailments during the night and day, especially if you need fast-acting relief.