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RYOT at a Glance

When looking for cannabis gear, you want something functional, innovative, reliable, and trustworthy. With RYOT, you can rest assured that every product has been designed to solve a specific problem or bring a particular convenience to their team of avid cannabis smokers.

RYOT stands for “Roll Your Own Tobacco,” which speaks to a time when cannabis gear had to be “hidden” behind the guise of non-cannabis herbal products. Times have changed, and even as they strive to produce new technology that keeps up with the times, every product has been designed to solve a specific problem or bring a specific convenience to their team of avid cannabis smokers.

By taking this personal approach to designing innovative gear, the brand ensures that its entire product collection is valuable and functional. In other words, you aren’t buying gimmicks when you buy RYOT products—just gear that’s tested and proven to improve your regular smoking (or vaping) ritual.

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RYOT Krypto Kit Overview

Although this was the brand’s first invention, it’s still a perfect portable storage solution for daily smokers. The Krypto-Kit is made from layers of carbon permeated padding that neutralizes odors. It’s weather-proof, smell-proof, and easily holds your compact smoking tools, lighters, and more.

“The SmellSafe Carbon Series incorporates extensive carbon permeated padding, therefore, neutralizing and trapping most odors in its pores. Additionally, our coated weather-proof fabric and moisture seal zipper provide a true physical barrier to keep most odors in and the weather out. The RYOT line of pipe and vape cases is for the discerning herbal enthusiast. We value utility, discretion and style. Pack and Protect with RYOT. To re-activate the carbon lining filters, simply put in the dryer for 5 minutes.”


RYOT Krypto Kit Features

  • RYOT Patented SmellSafe Technology
  • Lockable Zipper (Lock not Included)
  • Odor Absorption Antimicrobial Microfibers
  • Panels to Store Cash, Cards, or Papers
  • Removable RYOT Freshness Pod
  • Elastic Storage Loop to Secure your Bat
  • Stretch Gusseted Pocket Perfect for Lighter Storage
  • Poker Included