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  • NutraCanna CBD Sleep Tablets Product Review

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    How do NutraCanna CBD Dissolvable Sleep Tablets smell (Irrelevant to effects):

    Upon opening the bottle and removing the accompanying cotton (intended to keep the tablets dry until dosing), these NutraCanna CBD Dissolvable Sleep Tablets with Melatonin (750mg) smell like citrus (true to the flavor on the label).  We smelled predominantly orange notes, but with a punch of acidic lemon that brings a touch of sourness to the overall profile of the tablets.  

    The citrus smell is accompanied with a spicy scent similar to cedar shavings, along with the sweetness of the monk fruit used to sweeten the tablets.  It isn’t overwhelming, but it isn’t exactly the truest reflection of citrus we’ve experienced. We’ll see how the tablets taste.

    How do NutraCanna CBD Dissolvable Sleep Tablets taste (Irrelevant to effects):

    Since the tablets are intended to dissolve under the tongue, they do have a tendency to taste a bit chalky at first.  The overall flavor of the tablets is subtly citrusy but mostly sweet -- the monk fruit is pronounced in the taste of the tablets, so if you’re not a fan of this sweetener, you may be put off by this aspect of the product.  

    However, if monk fruit isn’t a big deal to you, you’ll probably be okay with these little guys.  The tang provided by the citrus flavor is pleasant without being overpowering, the flavor is quick to fade after dosing, and the sweetness cancels out the spicy notes we detected in the scent nicely.  All in all, while the tablets aren’t our favorite rendition of citrus we’ve ever had, they’re certainly not the worst we’ve experienced and are decidedly dosable on a regular basis.

    NutraCanna CBD Dissolvable Sleep Tablets Consistency:

    Each tablet is round and disc-shaped, approximately half an inch in diameter, and is conveniently scored down the middle, allowing you to cut your dose in half or increase your dose by half-tablet increments if necessary.  When splitting, we recommend using a blade or even a butter knife (something metal, as opposed to a credit card or something less sturdy) to ensure a clean split.

    The tablets are composed of compressed powder; they’re off-white in color, with a subtle orange cast to them and a matte finish.  They’re dry to the touch (thank you, cotton wad!) and smooth at the surface. When placed under the tongue, the tablets need a little time and saliva to dissolve effectively (have a sip of water if you’re a little cotton-mouthed).  This took between 45 and 90 seconds for us, but your mileage may vary here.

    Since the product is dry and not oil-based, the flavor doesn’t linger for long after the tablets finish dissolving.  This is good for a couple of reasons: first, if you’re not a fan of the flavor, you don’t have to taste it for long.  Secondly, however, the quick flavor dispersal helps keep the product from interfering with other elements of your bedtime routine, namely brushing your teeth. A few sips of water will fully banish the citrus from your mouth in time to make way for your toothpaste.

    What are the effects of NutraCanna CBD Dissolvable Sleep Tablets (Onset, Duration, Intensity):

    The directions say to take the tablets about 30 minutes before bed, which we found to be a good ballpark for most of us.  Since the tablets are absorbed into the bloodstream through the soft, vascular tissues of the mouth, they take effect more quickly than a softgel would.  The dose of melatonin in the tablets helps amplify the relaxing and sleep-enhancing properties of CBD, and quickly.

    For us, this meant that, after taking the tablets, we had a maximum of 45 minutes or so of functionality before we really needed to go to bed.  That’s not to say we felt impaired -- it’s certainly not comparable to a pharmaceutical sleep aid or the dangers associated with them -- but we were definitely sleepy.  Again, your mileage may vary here: a small minority of our testers who have problems shutting down for the day were able to override the sleepiness the tablets produce.  Like anything else, the CBD Sleep tablets will be most effective as part of a holistic approach to improving sleep.  

    About 20 minutes after taking our dose, we started to feel sleepy.  We noticed our muscles start to relax, our thoughts slowed in rate, and it was easier to quiet nighttime anxieties or redirect our thoughts to more relaxing things.  Overall, we felt much more ready to go to sleep at bedtime and had an easier time falling asleep than normal. Those of us who have trouble staying asleep at night stayed asleep longer, even sleeping uninterrupted through the night.  When we did wake up before morning, we had an easier time going back to sleep.

    Each tablet contains 25 mg of organic CBD and 10 mg of melatonin to encourage relaxation and enhance deep sleep. Some consumers may find that a higher dose of CBD is helpful for sleep -- a few of our testers supplemented the tablets with another form of CBD. This is because the melatonin in these tablets is substantial at 10 mg and really shouldn’t be doubled up on. At high doses, melatonin can interfere with your circadian rhythms and cause some scary side effects, so stick to lower doses -- especially at first. The tablets are also available at a 5 mg dosage strength that may be more suitable for some consumers.

    Upon waking the following morning, we felt rested and refreshed, ready to take on the day.  The sense of grogginess or mental fog associated with many prescription and OTC sleep aids was not present with these tablets. However, we should note that we took these on nights when we had at least 6 hours to devote to sleep -- because melatonin is a hormone, it needs some time to wear off and could cause drowsiness if you’re waking up within six hours of dosing.   

    We should make a particular note about dreaming while using this product: some of us did note having more vivid, intense dreams after taking the tablets.  This is likely due to the melatonin in the tablets (some people report strange dreams when taking melatonin for sleep, as it helps us spend more time in the dream-inducing REM phase of sleep) and wasn’t necessarily unpleasant for most of us -- just different.  

    That said, if you suffer from nightmares or night terrors, proceed with caution before deciding if this product is right for you.  Many people have reported that CBD helps them sleep without these frightening dreams, but melatonin may partially counteract these effects in some people.  Some patients report benefits from meditation in reducing night terrors and nightmares -- a bedtime meditation practice may be a helpful addition to your nighttime routine, particularly for helping reduce these distressing symptoms.  

    What are NutraCanna CBD Dissolvable Sleep Tablets best used for:

    We like this product best for aiding sleep and improving overall sleep quality.  Those of us who use sleep tracking technology (like a fitbit or a smartphone app) noted an improvement in sleep quality with these tablets, with more time spent in the deep, restorative phases of sleep.  The tablets make falling and staying asleep easier and helped us feel rested in the morning.

    We like this product for reducing sleep difficulties associated with a variety of conditions, including insomnia, ADHD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and mood disorders.  We could also see it being helpful for people who work irregular schedules or graveyard shifts -- provided that they have at least 6 hours to devote to sleep.

    The extra boost from the melatonin may make it easier to “override” the body’s natural circadian rhythms to accommodate an erratic schedule more easily (this is not great for your health in the long term for a lot of reasons, but sometimes we have to make the best of situations that are less than ideal, and that’s okay).  The bottom line is this: these tablets (or CBD alone), when combined with good sleep hygiene, can help people with a variety of conditions or circumstances gain more control over their sleep.

    What are NutraCanna CBD Dissolvable Sleep Tablets best used with (Complimentary Product):

    Since this product is systemic and takes effect pretty quickly, it does its job impressively alone when flying solo.  That said, we like to take a small dose (15-25 mg for most of us) of a longer-acting product like an oil or a gummy in conjunction with the tablets.  The longer-acting dose will help keep symptoms at bay throughout the night.  

    If you find yourself in need of localized pain relief, a CBD pain cream can be helpful.  The CBD in the topical product will work from the surface while your systemic dose addresses pain and inflammation from within, relieving symptoms from all sides.

    Is $69 a good price for NutraCanna CBD Dissolvable Sleep Tablets:

    Each tablet contains 25 mg of organic CBD and 10 mg of melatonin and each bottle contains 30 tablets.  At $69 per bottle, this works out to a per-milligram price of $0.09, which is pretty reasonable considering the quality of the CBD, the dosage, and the purity of the product.  Per serving, the cost calculates out to $2.30 -- far from exorbitant, and in line with what we’d expect to pay for similar products.

    What are some competition/alternatives to NutraCanna CBD Dissolvable Sleep Tablets:

    Next to similar products that are targeted at inducing and enhancing sleep, we feel these tablets hold their own, both in terms of effectiveness and quality.  Like each of NutraCanna’s products, they meet our CBD Buyer’s Guide criteria for quality, purity, and potency.  


    Suggested Use:  Place 1 tablet under your tongue and allow to dissolve fully at night approximately 30 minutes prior to bed.  

    Active Ingredients:  25 mg Pure CBD Hemp Oil Extract + 10 mg Melatonin per tablet.

    Inactive Ingredients:  Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Lo Han (Monk Fruit), D-Mannitol, Xylitol, MCC, Crospovidone, Dicalcium Phosphate, Citrus Flavor, Avocado Oil Powder.

    KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.  Store in a cool, dry place.

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