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  • Nature's Script Hemp Extract Cryotherapy Pain Relief CBD Gel Product Review

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    Smell (Irrelevant to effects): 

    In the container, Nature's Script Hemp Extract Cryotherapy Pain Relief CBD Gel smells strong. Like a minty paint marker. It’s not pleasant, so we recommend avoiding sticking your nose in the jar and inhaling deeply. That said, it might help a case of congestion, but your mileage may vary there. Once the gel is worked into the skin, its smell is much less assertive—still minty and medicinal, but without the harshness, it has in large quantities.  

    Taste (Irrelevant to effects):

    We didn’t taste this, and you shouldn’t either.   


    The consistency of this topical CBD gel is interesting. If you’ve got young children who have taken to the recent slime craze, you’ll see some similarities. It’s a cloudy white gel-like substance that has characteristics of both putty and a liquid—it doesn’t adhere to your fingers and flows to fit the shape and orientation of its container, but it’s surprisingly solid and “poke-able,” as one tester put it. This means you need to sort of scoop out bits of the gel to rub into the skin, which took a little getting used to. We didn’t mind it in the end—the gel basically melts into the skin and works in quickly, leaving behind no sticky or greasy residue. This makes it nice for hands in particular since it doesn’t interfere with your ability to grip or open things after use.  

    Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity):

    There’s a cooling effect that starts almost immediately upon application, becoming very noticeable about 30 seconds after application and peaking 5-10 minutes later. Pain relief lasted about 2-3 hours for most of us, though the cooling effect of this gel only lasted about an hour. The effects may have been short term, but relief was noticeable and near-instantaneous—we felt relief from muscle pain and tension, joint pain, post-workout soreness, menstrual cramping, even tension headaches, all within minutes. 

    We should note that the cooling sensation is intense and should not be used near eyes or mucous membranes—that means your nose, mouth, or genitals. We don’t want anyone getting any ideas—this stuff is not to go on your (or your partner’s) genitals! 

    Best used for: 

    Nature's Script Hemp Extract Cryotherapy Pain Relief CBD Gel is best used for management and relief of muscle and joint pain, and it was effective on just about everything we tried it on. We like it for quick relief of pain, soreness, and tension, but It’s a fast fix and not a long-term solution. For best results, pair it with a systemic form of CBD.   

    Best used with (Complimentary Product): 

    While this product is great for quick relief and does an excellent job alleviating pain and muscle tension, it’s a quick solution that doesn’t last long. To target inflammation from within, pair it with the systemic CBD of your choice, be it an oral form like tinctures or gummies, or an inhaled form like vapor or dabbing. 


    This product contains 50 mg of CBD in 1 oz and is the smaller of the two sizes offered by Nature’s Script, with the larger being a 4 oz container with 200 mg (the same dosage strength). This means that it’s a little difficult to know how much you’re putting on at any given time, but the price per milligram works out to about $0.30. The most comparable product carried by Ambary Gardens is the Muscle Recovery rub, which contains 250 mg in 2 oz of product, or 125 mg per oz. The cost per ounce of the two products is comparable, with Ambary Gardens price per milligram coming up to $0.26.  

    We really like the cooling properties of this rub and the pain relief they provide, so that extra four cents per milligram isn’t a huge problem for us. That said, it’s not the strongest product available on the market, and your dose of CBD won’t be as high with it, which may be something to consider if your symptoms are severe.  


    This is really a matter of personal taste—there are stronger products available on the market of comparable quality and price, so if you need a higher dose it might be advantageous to pass on this one in favor of something stronger. That said, the cooling properties of this product really helped ease the pain for many of our testers; we think it’s a good option for many people, and particularly people with chronic pain or those using CBD for athletic recovery.  


    Directions:  Apply to small areas like the neck and shoulders or massage liberally into large muscle groups for full body relief.  Rub a thin layer on the affected area no more than four times per day.

    Active Ingredients:  Pure Hemp Extract, Menthol USP Natural 4%

    Inactive Ingredients:  Isopropyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Tea Tree Oil, Water

    • Joint Health & Flexibility
    • Inflammation & Soreness
    • General Aches & Pains
    • Arthritis & Stiffness 

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