Keefer Scraper at a Glance

The Keefer brand offers a handful of luxury cannabis tools designed to help you handle kief and dabs with ease. The selection is small, but the tools seem to be intelligently designed and made from durable materials to not wear out over time. If your smoking kit feels a bit incomplete, the Keefer Scraper may be the multipurpose tool you’re looking for, but you can check out the Keefer brand for more details or see their other practical smoking tools.

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Keefer Scraper Overview

The Keefer Scraper is a stainless steel cannabis tool designed to improve your cannabis experience overall. The multipurpose tool’s primary function is to scrape kief from the collection chamber of your grinder, but it also works to collect herb, load and pack bowls, fill wraps, papers, or cones for rolling, or clean the various nooks of your smoking equipment. 

The full-sized Kiefer Scraper is 2.5 inches long with a 1-inch scoop that’s great for scraping your grinder or rolling tray. The Mini Scoop Edition has a ½ inch scoop that works well for compact grinders and fits nicely into your travel smoking kit. 

Both versions are double-ended with the “scoop” on one end and a triangular tip on the other. The fine point is a unique adaptation that makes the Keefer Scraper useful for scraping the narrow edges of your grinder chamber, cleaning in between the teeth of the grinding chamber, or packing and poking while you’re rolling up. Because it’s made from stainless steel and is easy to wipe clean, we think it could also be useful for cleaning resin from bowls or cleaning up concentrate residue.

Unfortunately, neither tool is sized to live inside your grinder, but they easily outshine the cheap plastic tools that often come with a new grinder. If your smoking collection is full of unique, detail-oriented pieces, this tool will definitely fit right in.


Keefer Scraper First-Hand Review

Keefer Scraper Mini

We grabbed the regular size Keefer Scraper and the Mini Scoop Edition (pictured above) for review. Both tools are the same length, and the mini scoop is about half as wide, so we weren’t quite sure if there’d be any significant benefit to having one tool over the other.

The regular tool is small but easier to handle than the fingernail-sized plastic scraper we received with our grinder. The triangular tip fits in the narrow corners of the grinder chamber to scrape it clean. We were actually pretty surprised at the amount of kief that we could scrape from our grinder and rolling tray (granted, they hadn’t been properly scraped clean in a pretty long time). 

The tool has a large mouth that scoops up a pretty good amount of bud (or kief), and we really enjoyed being able to scoop ground bud directly from the grinder and into a wrap, which eliminates the pollen getting lost on the tray or our fingers. 

After using both tools several times, we’ve decided that the mini version isn’t the one we’d recommend for general scraping (like cleaning pollen from your rolling tray). Still, we actually preferred it for rolling joints and filling cones. The Mini Scoop Edition is a bit more narrow but is still easy to handle and efficient. It makes a great addition to our travel kit and works better for scraping our compact grinder than the regular size version. 

Both tools stayed pretty clean throughout multiple uses, and even fresh, sticky pollen was pretty simple to wipe clean. Ultimately, we can see how either the Keefer Scraper or the Mini Scoop Edition could quickly become an indispensable part of any smoking kit, and choosing the best size is really just a matter of your preference, how you plan to use it, and the size of your grinder chamber.

Keefer Scraper Price

Both versions of the Keefer Scraper tool are regularly priced at $14.99, which is definitely higher than other scraping tools you can find in head shops and online. 

Of course, this durable, multi-purpose tool fills the shoes of pretty much any basic cannabis tool you may need. Since it’s not likely to wear out or break, we’d consider it a one-time investment that’s well worth the cost. And don’t forget to use our Keefer Scraper discount code to save an extra 10% on your purchase!

Keefer Scraper Products Quality

The Keefer Scraper is made from durable stainless steel and outperforms any of the plastic alternatives you may find. It’s lightweight, portable, and doesn’t even take up as much space as a credit card, but it doesn’t bend easily, and the smooth finish is easy to wipe clean. We don’t think there’s really any comparison between this cannabis tool and the basic kief scrapers you’ll find elsewhere.

Verified Customer Reviews

Ian C. – 5 stars

“Same perfect tool in a smaller size! Love this mini version. Perfect for all the little places the 1 inch one can’t quite fit.”


Stephanie S. – 5 stars

“Love love love it! Makes it so much easier to pack the perfect bowl.”



The Keefer Scraper is an intelligently designed but simple tool that essentially functions like a cannabis swiss army knife. Kief is an essential part of the cannabis experience that often gets wasted or left behind, but the Keefer Scraper solves that problem. Plus, it’s useful for packing, rolling, poking, and general cleaning, so it’s worth the small amount of space it takes up in your smoking kit. For less than $15, the tool is a necessary one-time investment that will improve practically every aspect of your cannabis experience.