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INHALCO at a Glance

INHALCO started as a small, two-person business with one goal: To help create a better smoking experience for its clients. Today, INHALCO is still owned and operated by the friends who started it all: And serves customers from around the globe. From humble beginnings to an international business, they have worked hard to earn a place of excellence in the industry and are proud to offer exceptional value and service on their vaping & dabbing accessories marketplace.

INHALCO Spiral Beaker Bong Description

The Spiral Glass Beaker Bong from INHALCO is the ultimate bong. Featuring a unique spiral design, the Spiral Beaker Bong is a stylish and functional smoking device that will make a great addition to your collection. Made from durable borosilicate glass, this superb bong looks amazing and provides an excellent smoking experience. With its large size and powerful percolation system, the Spiral Beaker Bong is an ideal bong to enjoy your favorite dry herbs with friends or alone.

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