Higher Standards at a Glance

Higher Standards was founded with one goal in mind: provide cannabis connoisseurs with the equipment and smoking tools they need for the most elevated experience, from the highest quality cleaning tools and maintenance products that guarantee the best flavor from your material to heavy-duty glass and sought after limited edition collaborations.

Higher Standards Coupon Code

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Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz Overview

Pipes can be filthy and messy – but, no longer! Say goodbye to dirty pipes with Pipe Dreamz. Higher Standards high-quality, fine-bristled pipe cleaners have been designed specifically to get into the tightest corners of your water pipe or rig and clean out all the buildup of residue. The textured surface acts like a magnet in attaching itself to the hard-to-reach small particles, while being soft enough not to irritate glass surfaces. Available in either a 12 or 60 piece box, these make an excellent gift for any smoker.