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  • Ambary Gardens Hemp Hydrate Water Product Review

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    How does Hemp Hydrate Water smell (Irrelevant to effects):

    Hemp Hydrate Water (3mg) smells like purified water and nothing else.

    How does Hemp Hydrate Water taste (Irrelevant to effects):

    Much like the smell of this CBD-infused, water, the taste doesn’t have any variation from clean, high-quality bottled water. There’s no hempy taste or aftertaste to get in the way, so if you’re a water drinker, you’re likely to love this water too. If not, the plain-water flavor makes this a perfect candidate for adding your own flavor mix, and it shouldn’t interrupt the benefits of the hemp.

    Hemp Hydrate Water Consistency:

    As you probably expected, it has the consistency of water, but not just any plain old tap water. Instead, this bottle of hemp-infused water offers that “soft” feeling in the mouth similar to other high-quality, artesian waters. The water is good both cold and room temperature, depending on what kind of water-drinker you are.

    What are the effects of Hemp Hydrate Water (Onset, Duration, Intensity):

    Aside from being super-hydrating (like all good water should be), Hemp Hydrate offers quite a bit of benefit for daily use. When we drank a bottle of the hemp water during our workout, we were noticeably less fatigued and sore immediately following our weight lifting routine. In the morning, this low-dose hemp water worked to lengthen the effects of our regular CBD supplements, eliminating the need for a lunch dose. Because of the low dose of 3mg of CBD, this water can be used alongside other CBD doses to boost the effects. The low dose also makes for almost an unnoticeable onset, with effects lasting a few hours, or 6-8 hours when combined with other CBD products.

    What is Hemp Hydrate Water best used for:

    Because of the evidence regarding CBD's anti-inflammatory effects, as well as its ability to manage pain, this hemp water could be useful in your workout routine and in everyday activities. Drinking it before your workout could help manage inflammation during, which could help boost stamina and endurance.

    Drinking it during or after your workout could help manage Inflammation in the muscles for faster healing and more gains. Plus, CBD could help you experience less muscle soreness. Don't forget, the hemp-infused water will also help replace the hydration you sweat out during your workout. CBD may also have anxiolytic effects, which may make this water suitable for those who are looking to use a daily low dose of CBD to manage anxiety.

    What is Hemp Hydrate Water best used with (Complimentary Product):

    If a low dose of CBD is all you need, you can use this water on its own. Or you can pair it up with one of Ambary Garden’s other products for increased effects. For relief from muscle soreness, stiffness, or swelling, Ambary Gardens Therapeutic Roll On may help boost the soothing effects of this hemp water. For managing anxiety or other internal symptoms, you may consider trying a faster oral method, like Ambary Gardens Nano-Rapid Delivery Full Spectrum CBD Extract and use the water afterward to boost or extend the effects.

    Is $2.99 a good price for Hemp Hydrate Water:

    These bottles contain 3mg of CBD and cost about $3 each, which rounds out to $1 per milligram of Cannabidiol. Milligram for milligram, that's pretty expensive compared to many other CBD products that may cost just over a dollar for a 10mg dose. However, it's unfair to rank this product on the same scale because of its dual intended use. Compared to other high-quality waters (that may or may not contain any CBD) this bottle of water falls into a very comparative and fair price range and will deliver the benefits of thirst-quenching hydration and a small dose of CBD.

    What are some competition/alternatives to Hemp Hydrate Water:

    There are other CBD-infused water and other beverage options, though it's difficult to measure water on such a high standard. So far as the taste and quality of the water goes, this product stands up to other premium water brands. As for the CBD content, 3mg is average for this type of product. If you’re looking to incorporate small amounts of cannabidiol into your health and wellness routine, this hemp water is a good way to go.

    For users who need large doses of CBD for symptom management, this product will work well accompanying your regular CBD product, but probably won’t be enough to supplement your CBD needs on its own. 
    The product meets our CBD Buyer’s Guide criteria for quality, purity, and potency.


    Hemp Hydrate 3mg Hemp Extract 16.9 fl oz

    • 100% Hemp Plant-Based
    • 3 mg Hemp Extract
    • Microbiome Superfood
    • pH Neutral
    • Purified Water by Reverse Osmosis
    • Pet-Friendly

    Recommendation: Best served cold. Store in cool area out of direct sunlight. Do not expose bottles to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Shake well before use. Best consumed within 7 days after opening.

    Ingredients: Purified water, HEMP extract

    Allergens: Please be advised that this product contains HEMP. Should an allergic reaction occur please discontinue use.

    0 calories

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