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  • Hemp Bombs CBD Beard Balm Product Review

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    Smell (Irrelevant to effects): 

    The predominant scent of this product seems to come from the argan and jojoba oils it contains.  It smells largely sweet, almost dessert sweet, which was an issue for some of our testers, who reported that the sweetness was inescapable (after all, the beard is very close to the nose).  

    Our female testers tended to love the smell, but then again, they weren’t the ones wearing it inches below their noses all day.  We say all this to warn you that, if you’re averse to strong scents or don’t care for overly sweet smells, you may not be that into this product.  


    The product is off-white in color and has a texture that’s halfway between buttery and waxy -- not that surprising, considering it contains shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax.  It’s very firm to the touch but warms up quickly with some rubbing. This may feel strange to some users, but don’t be fooled: a little bit of this beard balm goes a long way, and that little bit on your fingertips will do more than you might think.  

    Its waxiness helps it tame flyaways and errant hairs, lending a clean-cut, polished look to even the most unruly beards.  However, this texture can make it a bit difficult to work through the beard. If you have especially coarse hair, we recommend starting with a beard oil to lend manageability and softness before using the balm to style.   

    Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity):

    We noticed better control over beard hair, cleaner edges throughout the day, and fewer flyaways.  We also noticed a gradual improvement in the condition of our hair and skin over time. Shave bumps grew smoother and less inflamed, itching lessened, and our skin felt softer and more elastic under the hair.  

    This balm allowed us to create sharp, well-groomed looks that lasted from morning until late at night without excessive maintenance.  With longer beards, the product tends to help the hair stay together especially well, which is nice -- most of the time. That said, one of our testers did note that, on a windy day, he was hit in the face by his own beard for the first time after using this product.  

    Best used for:

    We feel like this product is best suited to beards that need a high level of control to stay looking well-kept throughout the day.  If your beard is shorter or on the curlier side, this balm may be able to help smooth your hair into submission and maintain your look throughout the day.  

    We feel like this beard balm, and its cousin the beard oil, could be especially helpful for people who struggle with razor burn and ingrown hairs after shaving.  The CBD can help soothe sensitive skin, reducing inflammation and the itching and pain it causes. The blend of beneficial oils in the balm can help hydrate the skin and improve its condition over time.  

    Best used with (Complimentary Product):

    For the best beard styling experience, we recommend coupling this balm with a beard oil.  The oil will impart softness and manageability, allowing you to style the hair how you want it without a fuss.  You can then use the balm to lock your style in place without compromising touchability.   

    If you’re looking to bring the benefits of CBD to the rest of your body, we recommend a systemic product like CBD gummies (shown in image below) or a tincture to reduce pain, inflammation, and anxiety for hours at a time.  



    The metal tin contains 1 oz of product and 25 mg of CBD.  At $14.99 per ounce, the per-milligram cost works out to $0.60, which is rather pricey as far as topical products go.  That said, we did notice some tangible benefits to the beards we tested this product on. If you’re a true student of the Art of the Beard, this product might be a worthwhile investment for you.  

    We should mention that the balm is available in a bundle with the beard oil, which does take the price down considerably (and might make a nice gift). The bundle (shown in image below) is a good option for people looking for multifaceted beard care and styling control, as well as those looking to save some coin.  



    In terms of CBD body care products, there aren’t too many like this one. It’s a niche product, yes, but it produces great results, is easy to use, and provides excellent styling control without that “crunchy” feeling that often comes with styling products.  While the cost per milligram is a bit high (after all, the product is largely going in your hair), it may be worthwhile to some consumers, particularly serious beard aficionados.  

    As with all of Hemp Bombs’ products, this beard balm is made of pure, organic CBD extracted through a safe and environmentally friendly supercritical CO2 method.  It meets our criteria for quality, purity, and potency as laid out in our CBD Buyer’s Guide.


    Premium CBD Beard Balm

    Ingredients: Pure CBD, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, and Beeswax

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