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  • cbdMD CBD PM Oil Tincture Drops Product Review

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    How do cbdMD CBD PM Oil Tincture Drops smell (Irrelevant to effects):

    Upon opening the bottle, these sleep-inducing cbdMD CBD PM Oil Tincture Drops smell intensely minty.  The overall effect is similar to that of a dental product -- clean, bright, and quite potent.  It’s almost a little aggressive, which makes us think that the flavor will reflect that. Then again, the powerful mint scent makes sense, as the drops contain a proprietary blend of passion flower, cascade hops, valerian root, chamomile flower, and lemon balm, along with melatonin.  

    Some of these compounds, most notably stinky valerian and bitter hops, likely impart a stronger taste than CBD alone that the extra dose of mint extract attempts to help mask.  Having tasted straight valerian root, we’re willing to bet that the flavor of this sleep oil will be more tolerable than it would be without the mint, but we’ll see.

    How do cbdMD CBD PM Oil Tincture Drops taste (Irrelevant to effects):

    The flavor of the oil is intensely, unmistakably minty, to the point of being a bit astringent and a touch bitter on the finish.  The flavor is also long-lasting -- it sticks around for several minutes after consumption and did produce some unpleasant minty burps in a few testers.  

    While a glass of water after taking the oil helps to reduce the taste (we strongly suggest you avoid orange juice!), we found we liked this product best when we used it a few minutes before brushing our teeth.  We dropped the oil under our tongue, then swallowed and waited 5-10 minutes before starting our evening dental hygiene routine. This allowed us to get rid of the overly minty taste in time for bed.

    cbdMD CBD PM Oil Tincture Drops Consistency:

    First, we need to give props to cbdMD for packaging these drops in childproof packaging.  While it doesn’t carry the same risk of overdose as some other medications, it’s a medicine nevertheless and, therefore, we feel it should be packaged responsibly.  We’re glad to see cbdMD packaging their products in child-resistant packaging, and we hope to see other manufacturers follow suit in the near future.

    Now, to the sleep oil itself:  the CBD sleep drops themselves are a yellowy amber in color and clear.  The oil is free-flowing and easy to draw up for dosing, neither too viscous or too fluid.  As with any oil, it may stain clothing and upholstery, so be sure to mind the tip of the included dropper when dosing, preventing drips.  

    What are the effects of cbdMD CBD PM Oil Tincture Drops (Onset, Duration, Intensity):

    Between the 16 mg of organic CBD per mL, the proprietary herbal blend of soothing, sleep-promoting ingredients, and a healthy dose of melatonin (5 mg), the primary effect we’re expecting to feel from these drops is sleepiness.  We did notice the same pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties from our daytime dose of CBD, but since this product is specifically designed to enhance sleep, we’re going to focus on those effects in particular.

    With that in mind, we noticed the onset of drowsiness within about 30 to 45 minutes of taking these drops.  It wasn’t the kind of knockout hit that pharmaceutical sleep aids deliver, but it was notable and made it difficult to stay awake.  We felt nighttime anxieties ease, our muscles relaxed, and it was easier to settle in for a good night’s sleep.

    Those of us who tend to suffer from insomnia noticed it took less time for us to fall asleep, by about 20-30 minutes (substantial, especially when you’re used to taking an hour or more to fall asleep like some of our testers).  Those of us who don’t normally have difficulty sleeping slept soundly and went to sleep very quickly compared to their normal “shutdown” times.

    Additionally, our team members that have trouble staying asleep at night were better able to sleep more soundly, waking up fewer times throughout the night.  When we did wake up in the night, we had an easier time getting back to sleep without getting out of bed.

    Upon waking, we felt more rested and refreshed, without the grogginess produced by some sleep aids.  Since the quality of our sleep was better, we felt better in the morning. The CBD in the sleep drops helped keep chronic pain and inflammation at bay, easing morning stiffness.  We found not only sleeping to be easier but waking up as well. That said, we wouldn’t recommend taking this product if you have to be awake in less than 6 hours, or you may end up a little groggy the next morning.  

    What are cbdMD CBD PM Oil Tincture Drops best used for:

    As the name suggests, this product is intended for help getting to sleep. Because of its melatonin and herbal content on top of the anxiolytic effects of CBD, it induces drowsiness pretty quickly, so it’s not an ideal product for daytime use.  Taken within an hour of when you intend to go to bed, however, it’s a very effective sleep aid to help you doze off quickly and stay asleep throughout the night, awakening rested and refreshed.  

    What are cbdMD CBD PM Oil Tincture Drops best used with (Complimentary Product):

    These CBD sleep drops are effective as a systemic product to relax the body and induce feelings of drowsiness.  That said, if you find yourself in need of targeted relaxation and pain relief, we like a topical CBD product the inflammation cream or CBD pain freeze by cbdMD. Your topical of choice will soothe pain and aid relaxation from the outside while the drops work from within to promote quality sleep and alleviate pain.   

    Is $44.99 a good price for cbdMD CBD PM Oil Tincture Drops:

    Each 30 mL bottle contains 500 mg of organic CBD, along with melatonin and a proprietary blend of sleep-promoting herbs.  At $44.99 per bottle, this works out to a per-milligram price of just under $0.09 (or about $1.43 per 1 mL dose), which is reasonable for the dosage strength, effectiveness, and quality of the product.  At this price point, these sleep drops are in keeping with cbdMD’s affordable pricing structure.  

    What are some competition/alternatives to cbdMD CBD PM Oil Tincture Drops:

    In terms of PM-specific CBD products, we were pretty impressed with the efficacy of these drops.  They’re effective, they’re affordable, and they’re made with organic, sustainably-grown CBD. These sleep drops meet our CBD Buyer’s Guide criteria for quality, purity, and potency.  


    Shake Well Before Using
    Suggested Use:  Take 30 minutes before bedtime as melatonin may produce drowsiness.
    Storage:  Keep away from heat, light, and humidity to preserve freshness.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size:  1 mL (1 dropper full)
    Servings Per Bottle:  30
    Calories:  9 (<1%)
    Calories from Fat:  9 (<1%)
    Total Fat:  1 g (2%)
    Saturated Fat:  1 g (5%)
    MCT Oil:  1 g
    Proprietary Blend: 250 mg
    Passion Flower, Cascade Hops, Valerian Root, Chamomile Flower, Lemon Balm
    Cannabidiol (CBD):  16 mg
    Melatonin:  5 mg
    Other Ingredients:  Mint Extract

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