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  • CBDistillery 99% Pure CBDab CBD Powder Product Review

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    How does CBDistillery 99% CBDab Powder smell (Irrelevant to effects):

    The crystals inside the container of CBDistillery 99% Pure CBD Isolate Powder have no discernable scent. This is good -- CBD isolate shouldn’t smell like anything, as it’s been stripped away from all the terpenes, flavonoids, plant solids, and other compounds that are responsible for the smell characteristic of full-spectrum extracts.  

    How does CBDistillery 99% CBDab Powder taste (Irrelevant to effects):

    While you could technically consume the isolate straight, it wouldn’t do you much good. When consumed orally, CBD needs to be dissolved in some kind of oil in order to be effectively absorbed by the body. Not only that, but it doesn’t taste like anything -- just flavorless crystals -- when consumed as it is in the jar.

    This changes when the crystals are dabbed; in vapor form, they taste a bit like raspberries, with a touch of herbal sourness that was surprisingly pleasant. We prefer to dab these crystals at a medium temperature, which ensures complete vaporization without torching the crystals and making a harsh, smokey hit.

    CBDistillery 99% CBDab Powder Consistency:

    Inside their small jar, the CBD powder is crystalline and white in color. The majority of the crystals are a fine powder, similar to table sugar, but some pieces are larger and more closely resemble tiny shards of broken glass. They are not soluble in water but would dissolve in oil if you wanted to make your own THC-free CBD oil.

    The crystals are hard to the touch but easily broken apart. Since they’re dry crystals, they don’t clump together for dabbing, making a scoop-shaped dabber tool helpful when dabbing these little dudes to avoid accidental spillage. The crystals are crumbly, firm and, mercifully, not dusty. They aren’t the most forgiving of dabs (especially for beginners), but they’re workable with a little finesse.

    What are the effects of CBDistillery 99% CBDab Powder (Onset, Duration, Intensity):

    We felt the effects of these dab crystals almost immediately after our first hit. The vapor isn’t harsh at all and goes down easily into the lungs. We felt a pleasant enhancement of mood and general wellbeing, decreased anxiety, and pronounced relief from pain, inflammation, and stiffness.

    We were impressed by the intensity of the effects of these dab crystals; even our testers who take CBD at high doses for symptom relief were able to alleviate pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, and low mood with just a few dabs. Since it’s so highly concentrated (it’s 99.9% pure CBD isolate), you need very little product to produce powerful results.

    We felt relief for about 4 hours after dabbing, though it lasted up to 6 for a few of our testers. We felt more relaxed, had better range of motion, experienced reduced (or entirely eliminated) pain, and generally felt good. Those of us who use CBD for sleep found a dab or two about 20-30 minutes before bed very helpful in improving both quantity and quality of sleep.

    We feel it’s important to note that, while we experienced a pleasant sense of physical and mental relaxation, we did not feel “out of it,” spacey, or otherwise impaired, even at high doses of the crystals. Those of us who struggle with conditions like ADD and ADHD found it easier to focus, we felt mentally clear-headed, and we were able to respond effectively in stressful situations without being overcome with anxiety.

    What is CBDistillery 99% CBDab Powder best used for:

    Because the crystals are essentially just straight-up CBD, they’re exceedingly versatile. That’s the beauty of simple products like this one: they’re adaptable to just about any dosage, condition, and mode of consumption. We prefer to dab them using a rig or a dab pen, but you could also dissolve them in an oil like coconut or olive (even butter would work in a pinch) and consume the crystals orally if you prefer not to use inhaled methods of CBD consumption.

    The CBD crystals are versatile, absolutely, but we feel they shine the brightest when consumed as dabs. The smooth, subtly fruity vapor is very gentle on the lungs of even first-time dabbers or people prone to coughing with dabs. The crystals are excellent at treating severe symptoms quickly, without waiting for the product to take effect like a gummy or softgel would.

    What is CBDistillery 99% CBDab Powder best used with (Complimentary Product):

    The CBD crystals take effect very quickly when dabbed (a dab pen is great for convenience, but we like the Loto Legend when we’re at home -- its fine temperature control and magnetic heating element make for a smooth and flavorful dab every time), but they won’t last as long as an oral product would. For this reason, we like to pair them with a CBD gummy, oil, or capsule for lasting relief without the wait.

    If you’re in need of localized pain relief, we recommend a topical CBD cream or salve to provide targeted relief at the site of pain. The topical product will help reduce inflammation at the source while your systemic dose works from within, providing all-around symptom relief.

    Is $30 a good price for CBDistillery 99% CBDab Powder:

    The crystals are available in amounts as small as half a gram and as large as 14 grams (half an ounce). Once you get into the 7+ gram territory, you’ll start to see some price breaks. In smaller quantities, however, the $30 per gram price applies. Each gram of product technically contains 999 mg CBD, making the per-milligram price approximately $0.03 -- exceedingly affordable by most standards. If you’re in need of high doses of CBD for symptom relief (or need a THC-free option), these crystals are a very cost-effective option.

    What are some competition/alternatives to CBDistillery 99% CBDab Powder:

    Next to the other CBD isolates available on the market today, we feel these crystals stand up well against the competition. They are affordable, potent, organic, responsibly cultivated, and independently tested. The CBDab powder from CBDistillery meets our CBD Buyer’s Guide criteria for quality, purity, and potency.


    Directions:  CBDistillery’s Crystalline can be used in your favorite vaporizing device or consumed as a sublingual. Use daily and until desired effect is reached. Individual results may vary.

    Ingredients:  99% Isolated Cannabidiol (Industrial Hemp)

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