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  • Canna Comforts Raw Hemp CBD Flower Cherry Strain Review

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    True to their name, these CBD flowers smell of sweet, dark cherry with a mild spicy scent that rounds out the terpene profile nicely and blends the fruity and sour, almost diesel-like notes nicely. It reminded one of our testers of a Cherry OG he once tried.


    The earthy flavors of the Cherry strain are the first to come through, followed by a sweet-tart finish. We really liked this particular strain in joint form, but it would also be especially enjoyable in a vaporizer.   


    The buds are a moderate in size and a deep olive green in color, with generous clusters of yellow-orange hairs and a fine layer of translucent trichomes throughout the buds. They’re subtly sticky and will leave a light film of resin and crystals on your fingers if broken up by hand.

    Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity):

    Since this is an inhaled product, the effects are nearly instantaneous. We felt anxiety and stress relief almost immediately, followed by pronounced physical relaxation and a pleasant mood boost. We felt less stressed, more focused, and generally good

    We felt the effects for about 4 hours, with peak effects about 30 minutes to an hour. They were plenty noticeable after a small bowl, but especially pronounced after sharing a joint. Since the effects are more intense with each hit and come on very quickly, this flower is a good option for people seeking immediate symptom relief.

    Best used for:

    We feel this high-CBD hemp flower could be used to treat a variety of ailments: we found it effective for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, arthritis, muscle tension and pain, and athletic recovery. It would also be effective against any ailment you would otherwise use CBD extracts for, from cancer to epilepsy to cardiovascular disease

    While this is obviously a wonderful product for people who prefer to smoke, it’s also great news for those of us who prefer to make our own extracts: you can use it to make your own CBD oil without worrying about the finished product being high in THC. For people who like to incorporate CBD into their food and beverages, this could be a potentially exciting option.

    Best used with (Complimentary Product):

    This is a systemic product that will help treat sudden symptoms or prevent flare-ups, but if you’re feeling physical pain, we recommend using a topical CBD salve or muscle rub to soothe inflammation from the surface while the flower works from the inside. 


    At 19.94% CBD, this is one of the most potent strains offered by Canna Comforts. Each gram of hemp flower contains approximately 199.4 mg of CBD, which works out to about $0.05 per milligram—an excellent deal! If you’re looking for an affordable way to incorporate CBD into your regimen, purchasing raw hemp flower from Canna Comforts can offer substantial savings even if you plan to use it to make your own tinctures or extracts.


    While high-CBD hemp extracts have been growing in popularity for a few years now, high-CBD hemp flower is a relatively new phenomenon. There are a few other growers out there working with hemp flower, but we like Canna Comforts’ sustainable practices, quality product, and attention to detail in their breeding and cultivation. They pass our CBD Buyer’s Guide test for quality and purity, and offer a novel way to consume CBD. 


    CBD Hemp Flower: 50 State Legal Industrial Hemp

    Strain: Cherry

    3.5 grams

    CBD: 19.94%

    Less than 0.3% THC

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