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  • “No these are not just Q-Tips... these are the answers to all...”

    - Aaron S.

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Blazy Susan at a Glance

Blazy Susan was founded by a young entrepreneur from Roanoke, Virginia. The founder Will Breakell, initially launched Blazy Susan as a solution to an age old problem: a cluttered coffee table. Growing up in the foothills of Virginia, he knew that Roanoke was not where his future would be. The mountains of Colorado called to him and so did the cannabis industry. His vision was simple: create a user-friendly product that would help make enjoying your favorite herb even easier!

Blazy Susan Cotton Buds Overview

Blazy Susan’s Cotton Buds are colored with natural food safe dye that won’t leave any residue or taste after use.
Highly absorbent with a sturdy bamboo stick, what more could you ask for in a cotton swab? These sturdy pink Q-tips will be up for any task you throw at them.


  • 100 or 300 count options available
  • Pink and white color choices available
  • Triple wrapped cotton buds