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  • “I use this product for joint pain associated with auto-immune diseases, sleep,...”

    - Theresa McIntyre

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Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

There isn’t much of an overwhelming smell to the CBD Softgels when you open the jar. The smell could be described as a mild, sweet, and slightly earthy. There is no flavor added to the product—hence the mild, natural smell. It kind of smells like you’re inside a GNC store.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

The taste of the gelatin capsule itself is sweet. We didn’t taste the CBD oil contained inside because they shouldn’t be chewed, but rather swallowed. That said, you shouldn’t taste the capsule for more than a few seconds on your tongue. It is worth noting that there is no flavor added to the oil in these capsules so there really isn’t much to taste even if you did crack one open and try it.


As the name would indicate, these capsules are your typical soft gelatin capsules. They have some give or squish to them and are very easy to swallow. About the size of an Advil (slightly larger) while still considerably smaller than a Nyquil capsule.

Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

I would say they take a solid 45 minutes for onset but the relief lasts for 6-8+ hours. The effects are soothing with no impairment to everyday life—certainly no psychoactivity. Great for mood enhancement and relaxation—you may find yourself smiling for no reason.

Best Used For

The CBD Soft Gels are best for treating anxiety, depression, inflammation, migraines, PTSD, sleep, and pain. They also work exceptionally well-treating seizures and muscle spasms. Great for hangovers and anything that requires restoring equilibrium aka homeostasis. We found that the Soft Gels fight the psychoactive effects of THC, making you feel more upbeat, alert and happy as opposed to tired, lethargic and spacey.

Best Used With

This is a systemic product, so we recommend combining this product with topicals when you need localized relief. While the CBD Soft Gels will help reduce pain and inflammation from the inside out, a salve like the Deep Rub or Muscle Recovery will help treat specific sore spots on the surface level. For instantaneous, full-body relief, we suggest pairing this product with the 99% CBD Isolate or the pre-filled CBD Vaporizer Cartridges from Ambary Gardens.


It is worth noting that the CBD Soft Gels come in two different dosages; 15mg or 25mg CBD capsules, and counts of either 30 or 60 pills. These are a great value compared to other options on the market—especially considering the input quality is so high. For the price, you can’t buy a better CBD Soft Gel!


There are many CBD companies making CBD Soft Gels. There are two main factors to consider when choosing a Soft Gel: was the starting material grown organically and are there any synthetic ingredients in the oil? In the case of these CBD Soft Gels, the hemp starting material was grown all organically and the oil contains no nasty chemical ingredients (it contains 100% plant-derived ingredients). This means the CBD Soft Gels from Ambary Gardens passes our CBD buyers guide test.

What Customers Say

“So much easier to dose! Thank you!” – Melanie


Suggested Use: Adults take one capsule as needed.

Ingredients: Hemp Extract (15 or 25mg of CBD depending on the size). Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule).

Maintain your wellness with no intoxicating effects. Hemp Oil is legal without a prescription and can be purchased in all 50 states. Farm Bill Compliant. Non-GMO. Small batch. No animal testing. No flavor added. Ambary Gardens grows hemp genetics specifically developed to produce very high levels of CBD and little to no THC. Grown using only sustainable, organic methods and formulated under strict lab conditions ensures Ambary products are of the highest quality possible.

All products are third party tested to ensure consistent potency and quality.