This particular dab rig is exciting for a couple of reasons: its magnetic induction heating mechanism means that there’s no exposed heating element, no coils to change, and no need for bulky torches. The Legend is the most recent product from Loto Labs and advertises itself as a safer, smoother way to dab. The rig is able to be controlled either by the knob on the rig itself or through a free mobile app, which allows you to change the settings from your phone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection to the device.

With ten heat settings ranging from lower, smooth-tasting levels to high temperatures that produce impressive clouds, the device is intended to be highly adjustable and very safe to use. In this in-depth review, we’ll break down what the unit includes, how the product works, and our experience with it.

What’s Included

The unit comes in a medium-sized rectangular box within a printed unit carton. The shipping box contains foam compartments for each of the components and features a convenient (and surprisingly sturdy) carrying handle, making it a viable option to carry the unit safely and discreetly during travel (and much cheaper than a specialized carrying case!).

The Loto Legend (read our review OR just buy it) includes the body of the unit itself (which contains the two rubber gaskets necessary to seamlessly connect the inner glass tubing), a glass mouthpiece, the three inner glass tubes (two shorter straight pieces and a U-shaped connector), an aluminum carb ring, the glass susceptor holder (more on this in a moment), two steel susceptors, two silicone dab containers, a metal dab tool, a cleaning brush, and a power adapter. There is no nail required, which makes using this rig more like smoking from a bowl than using a traditional dab rig (which, our team agreed, was enjoyable).

The Legend also comes with a standard 2 year warranty on the main unit, which covers failure or defective of the product. While this warranty does not extend to accidental damage or broken glassware, each of the glass components are available for purchase if one breaks (it happens to the best of us, after all), making finding replacement parts for your rig simple and affordable.

The Unit Itself

This unit is a hefty size, perfect for tabletop use but definitely not ideal for passing around at a party. It needs to be plugged in in order to use, which doesn’t sound ideal but actually works for this unit: since there is nothing locking the glass mouthpiece in place, it separates easily from the glass-on-glass joint attaching it to the rest of the unit and makes the whole rig decidedly un-passable. That didn’t sour us on it though: while keeping rotation feels a little different, it’s an easy adjustment to make.

The unit itself measures 11.5” from base to the top of the mouthpiece, and its cylindrical base is 5.5” in diameter. While this may sound rather large (and it is: it looks impressive on a coffee table), the unit is surprisingly lightweight. This is due to the lack of a battery pack: the entire body of the unit is open, save for the glass vapor pathway it houses.

Using the Loto Legend is simple and intuitive, but requires a bit of initial setup: you’ll need to unscrew the bottom of the unit body and assemble the glass vapor pathway within, sealing the components together using the included rubber gaskets. It’s a fairly straightforward process, but one that requires a gentle hand and a bit of patience—we found that the air intake tube in particular took some finagling to get situated due to its position within the unit. Once you’ve completed the vapor pathway, screw the bottom of the unit body back on, add water to the mouthpiece to just cover the vent holes, and place it on the exposed end of the glass adapter. Place one of the steel susceptors into the susceptor holder, then insert the susceptor holder into the aluminum carb ring, which allows you to lift out the susceptor holder via the carb ring and clear the hit.

From there, the unit is very easy to use: just plug in the power adapter, press the control knob located on the top of the unit body to turn it on, and set the unit to your desired temperature. The coil of metal that’s visible beneath the carb ring produces a magnetic field that raises the temperature of the steel susceptor that sits at its center inside the susceptor holder (which looks an awful lot like a bowl on your average bong). When using the Legend, you have two options: you can either preload it using the dab tool, or turn the unit on and load it after, as with a traditional rig. There’s no real difference in function here, it’s just a matter of preference.

You can also use the free mobile app, available for both iOS and Android, to control the device temperature via Bluetooth—this is a nifty feature, but we ultimately found this unnecessary. We preferred the ease of the control knob: it feels sturdy and clicks pleasantly into place with each progressive heat setting. Whichever control mechanism you choose to use, the unit will light up a different color for each heat setting, starting with blue at the coolest and progressing from violet to pink to pure red as the temperature increases. We found that the higher temperatures produced bigger clouds, but on the whole, we preferred the rich, nuanced flavor the low- to mid-range settings created.


Product Review: Loto Legend Dab Rig by Loto Labs 2

The Loto Legend produced some of the smoothest, most enjoyable dabs we’ve ever had, with the mid-range “purple” temperatures creating hits that maintained the terpene profile of the extract while still fully vaporizing the concentrate. While the highest settings produced impressive clouds, we found we lost a bit of the flavor in the exchange. The unit heats up very quickly, reaching full power in 6 seconds. Because it heats up so quickly, it’s important not to turn the unit on until you are ready to dab, as it can overheat if it is left inactive for too long. If this happens, the unit will flash yellow three times and then turn off automatically. If you try to turn it on again before it cools down, it will flash yellow and turn off—the unit will not allow you to use it if it’s heated to an unsafe temperature (safety first!).

Drawing a hit is easy with the short mouthpiece, and the added water filtration makes for hits that go down smoothly even at the highest temperatures. We should note that there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using this vape, as holding the concentrate to the susceptor takes a bit of getting used to (and some maneuvering at times). That said, the overall experience of using the Legend was surprisingly similar to using a bong, an aspect of the unit that our team particularly enjoyed.


The Loto Legend is definitely an investment at $499, making it one of the pricier dab rigs on the market at present. That expense sounds steep, but it isn’t unwarranted: the product Loto Labs offers in the Legend is of exceptional quality, and it’s vastly different from its competitors. There are no atomizers to buy or coils to replace with the Legend, so you won’t be constantly paying for replacement parts (unless you’re klutzy with the glassware!). The lack of an exposed heating element makes this rig safer than traditional styles, and it’s more eco-friendly than its butane torch-requiring predecessors (and the material on the body of the unit is buttery soft vegan leather, making it safe for ethical consumers). The unit is easy to use and brings out the best in concentrates, providing an utterly enjoyable dabbing experience. If you’re looking for a more sustainable, delicious way to dab, the Loto Legend just might be worth the splurge.

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