When it comes to buying and enjoying small vaporizer units, the wide range of choices is staggering, but the Davinci MIQRO is making a big impact. This vaporizer for dry herb is not only well designed but it’s also very small; it is the smallest dry herb vaporizer currently on the market.

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How to Use The Davinci MIQRO

  1. Open the chamber, fill with your choice of herb, then close
  2. To power-up the MIQRO simply click the power button five times
  3. Once powered, use the power button for switching between the Smart Path, precision heating, and boost modes
  4. Use the up and down buttons for selecting the Smart Path/temperature modes
  5. Once the heating of the chamber is completed (roughly 40 seconds), begin inhalation!

There are three buttons on the unit: One is the power button, and the others offer the up and down controls for the smart paths and temperature. The settings make it easy to customize the vaporizing temperature to your preferences, and there’s also a standby and boost mode—excellent for increasing the temperature for the last few hits in a vaping session.

There’s no doubt that the older IQ is a great vape and delivers nice clouds and smooth flavors. The new, smaller MIQRO version builds on these positives to create a really impressive unit. While some users may encounter some draw resistance, the small unit is sure to impress.


Essentially, the Davinci MIQRO is a well-designed and well-built miniature model of the tried and true IQ that’s been priced to sell. It delivers a nice smooth vapor stream with full flavors. With its stylish and sleek good looks, the MIQRO is certainly a great addition to the vaping world’s small vaporizers line-up.

Table of Contents